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Day Use

Some Kananaskis day use areas include amenities like picnic tables, firepits or picnic shelters. Others offer only parking for trailheads. No overnight camping is allowed at any day use area. Please select the day use site name in the list below to see what facilties are available there.

Bow Valley Area

Day UseParkSeason
Canmore Nordic CentreCanmore Nordic Centre PP Open Year Round
Gap LakeBow Valley  PP Open Year Round
Grassi LakesCanmore Nordic Centre PP Open Year Round
Grotto MountainBow Valley  PP Open Year Round
Heart CreekBow Valley WPP Open Year Round
Lac Des ArcsBow Valley  PP Open Year Round
Middle LakeBow Valley  PPApr 29 - Oct 10
Old CampBow Valley  PPApr 29 - Oct 23
WhitefishBow Valley  PPMay 1 - Oct 12
Wind ValleyBow Valley WPPMay 1 - Nov 22
YamnuskaBow Valley WPP Open Year Round


Elbow Valley

Day UseParkSeason
Allen BillElbow River PRA  Closed 
Beaver LodgeElbow Falls PRAMay 15 - Nov 30
Brown-LoweryBrown-Lowery PP Open Year Round
Cobble FlatsCobble Flats PRAMay 15 - Nov 30
Elbow FallsElbow Falls PRA Open Year Round
Elbow River LaunchElbow River Launch PRAMay 1 - Nov 30
Forgetmenot PondLittle Elbow PRAMay 15 - Nov 30
Ings MineIng's Mine PRA Open Year Round
McLean PondMcLean Creek PRA Open Year Round
McLean Staging AreaMcLean Creek PRA Open Year Round
PowderfaceElbow Falls PRAMay 15 - Nov 30
Station FlatsElbow River PRA Open Year Round
West Bragg CreekWest Bragg Creek PRA Open Year Round


Ghost Area

Day UseParkSeason
Fallen Timber SouthFallen Timber South PRAMay 1 - Oct 14
Ghost ReservoirGhost Reservoir PRA Open Year Round
South GhostSouth Ghost PRA Open Year Round
Waiparous Valley ViewpointWaiparous Valley Viewpoint PRAMay 1 - Sep 30


Highwood / Cataract Area

Day UseParkSeason
Cat CreekCat Creek PRA  Closed 
Cataract CreekCataract Creek PRA Open Year Round
Etherington CreekEtherington Creek PRA Open Year Round
Eyrie GapEyrie Gap PRAMay 1 - Nov 30
Fitzsimmons CreekFitzsimmons Creek PRAJun 15 - Nov 30
Highwood HouseHighwood Junction PRA Open Year Round
Highwood RiverHighwood PRAApr 30 - Sep 18
Lantern CreekLantern Creek PRAJun 15 - Nov 30
Lineham CreekLineham PRAJun 15 - Nov 30
Mist CreekMist Creek PRAJun 15 - Nov 30
Mt. LipsettElbow-Sheep WPPJun 15 - Nov 30
PicklejarPicklejar PRA  Closed 
SentinelSentinel PRA  Closed 
Trout PondsTrout Pond PRAJun 15 - Nov 30


Kananaskis Valley Area

Day UseParkSeason
Barrier DamBow Valley  PP Open Year Round
Barrier LakeBow Valley  PPApr 21 - Oct 12
Beaver PondsEvan-Thomas PRAApr 29 - Oct 12
Canoe MeadowsBow Valley  PP Open Year Round
Evan-ThomasEvan-Thomas PRA Open Year Round
GalateaSpray Valley PPJun 13 - Nov 20
Kovach PondEvan-Thomas PRAApr 29 - Sep 25
Mt. Lorette PondsBow Valley  PP Open Year Round
OpalSpray Valley PPMay 13 - Nov 1
Ribbon CreekEvan-Thomas PRA Open Year Round
WasootchElbow-Sheep WPP Open Year Round
Wedge PondSpray Valley PP Open Year Round
Widow MakerBow Valley  PP Open Year Round


Peter Lougheed PP

Day UseParkSeason
Black PrincePeter Lougheed PP Open Year Round
Boulton BridgePeter Lougheed PP Open Year Round
Burstall PassPeter Lougheed PP Open Year Round
CanyonPeter Lougheed PP Open Year Round
Chester LakePeter Lougheed PP Open Year Round
Elbow PassPeter Lougheed PPJun 15 - Nov 30
Elk PassPeter Lougheed PP Open Year Round
ElpocaPeter Lougheed PPJun 15 - Sep 5
Grizzly CreekPeter Lougheed PPMay 13 - Sep 5
Highwood MeadowsPeter Lougheed PPJun 15 - Nov 30
King CreekPeter Lougheed PPMay 13 - Sep 5
Little Highwood PassPeter Lougheed PPJun 15 - Nov 30
Lower LakePeter Lougheed PP Open Year Round
North InterlakesPeter Lougheed PP Open Year Round
PanoramaPeter Lougheed PP Open Year Round
PeninsulaPeter Lougheed PPMay 1 - Nov 1
PocaterraPeter Lougheed PP Open Year Round
Rock GlacierPeter Lougheed PPJun 15 - Nov 30
SawmillPeter Lougheed PP Open Year Round
Upper LakePeter Lougheed PP Open Year Round
White SprucePeter Lougheed PPMay 1 - Nov 1


Sheep River Valley Area

Day UseParkSeason
Big HornSheep River PPMay 15 - Nov 30
Fisher Staging AreaFisher Creek PRA Open Year Round
Gorge CreekSheep River PPMay 15 - Nov 30
Indian OilsSheep River PPMay 15 - Nov 30
Junction CreekSheep River PPMay 15 - Nov 30
Missing LinkSheep River PPMay 15 - Nov 30
Sandy McNabbSheep River PP  Closed 
Sheep FallsSheep River PPMay 15 - Nov 30
Volcano RidgeBluerock WPP Year Round
Ware CreekWare Creek PRAMay 15 - Nov 30


Sibbald Area

Day UseParkSeason
DawsonDawson PRAApr 29 - Nov 20
Lusk CreekLusk Creek PRAApr 29 - Oct 10
Sibbald LakeSibbald Lake PRA Open Year Round
Sibbald Meadows PondSibbald Meadows Pond PRA Open Year Round
Sibbald ViewpointSibbald Viewpoint PRAApr 29 - Oct 10


Spray Valley Area

Day UseParkSeason
Buller MountainSpray Valley PPMay 13 - Nov 1
DriftwoodSpray Valley PP Open Year Round
Goat CreekSpray Valley PP Open Year Round
Mt. SharkSpray Valley PP Open Year Round
SparrowhawkSpray Valley PPMay 13 - Sep 5
Spray LakeSpray Valley PPMay 13 - Sep 5


Sundre Area

Day UseParkSeason
James-WilsonJames-Wilson PRAMay 1 - Oct 14
Red Deer RiverRed Deer River PRAMay 1 - Oct 8
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