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Kananaskis Country is much, much more than just a park.  It's a unique landscape where conservation, recreation and industry coexist. Many types of recreation may occur on these protected lands as long as users are in the area designated for their activity. 

Within the boundaries of this multi-use recreation area, there are

Over two-thirds of Kananaskis Country is established as a park, either under the Provincial Parks Act or the Wilderness Areas, Ecological Reserves, Natural Areas and Heritage Rangelands Act

The rest of Kananaskis Country includes a series of Public Land Use Zones where commercial activities like oil and gas exploration or timber harvesting may occur, in addition to recreation. Some industrial activities are permitted under special circumstances such as pre-existing commitments that pre-dated the protection of various park lands. 

Given its complex nature, management of Kananaskis Country has some special considerations, including

Special Permits

Parks Planning/Processes

Updated: Jul 25, 2017