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Managing a Complex Landscape

In establishing Kananaskis Country, Premier Peter Lougheed envisioned a unique, multi-use area.  Nearly two-thirds of that area by is now protected as some sort of park, ecological reserve or recreation area. The needs of industry, ranching and tourism are balanced with the mandate to preserve the animals, plants and processes that keep the Kananaskis Country ecosystem healthy.

When you visit Kananaskis Country, you may see a variety of commercial activities like cattle grazing, timber harvesting and gas wells. These economic activities take place on Alberta public lands outside of parks. Recreational activities take place in both the parks and in the multi-use public lands of Kananaskis Country.  Leases and Development has more information on commercial and development activities in Kananaskis Country.

Since its creation three decades ago, managing Kananaskis Country now includes some new challenges

Management of Kananaskis Country is guided by

Kananaskis Country also shares most boundaries with the Kananaskis Improvement District - a special body that provides effective local government and municipal services to Kananaskis Country residents.

A Shared Landscape

Kananaskis Country is located in the central Rockies ecosystem, straddling the continental divide between Alberta and British Columbia.  Several federal and provincial government agencies with management responsibilities for the central Rockies ecosystem participate in the Central Rockies Ecosystem Interagency Liaison Group.  The Interagency Liaison Group promotes cooperation to ensure biodiversity is maximized in the central Rockies ecosystem and to manage the area as a sustainable regional landscape.

Updated: Jul 25, 2017