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Weekend Campground Vacancy

Updated: Monday Sep 05, 2022 @ 12:55

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Cold Water Safety

Visitors be aware, in the mountains the water is cold all year. If you fall into the cold water it will affect you immediately.
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There are many first-come first-served campsites available during the middle of the week and bookings for campgrounds that take reservations can be made through the Reserve.AlbertaParks.ca website.

Weekend campground vacancy information is published between the long weekend in May and the long weekend in September for each campground in the Kananaskis Region.

During the summer camping season, please visit this page for campsite availability on the days/times listed below.
Note that times may vary slightly due to the availability of information.

Regular Weekends Holiday Weekends
Friday - 4 pm Thursday - 4 pm
Saturday - 11 am Friday - 11 am
Saturday - 4 pm Friday - 4 pm
  Saturday - 11 am
  Saturday - 4 pm
  Sunday - 11 am
  Sunday - 4 pm