Cataract Creek Provincial Recreation Area - Kananaskis Country
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Land Reference Manual

The Land Reference Manual includes a complete listing of all lands currently under the administration of Parks Division of Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation.

These lands are administered under the Provincial Parks Act, the Wilderness Areas, Ecological Reserves, Natural Areas and Heritage Rangelands Act and the Willmore Wilderness Park Act.

Links to legal land descriptions are provided for every site. Maps are also provided for visual reference. If there is a discrepancy between the legal land description and the map, the legal land description takes precedence as the map does not form part of the Order-in-Council designating a site.   Alberta Queen's Printer has electronic copies of the Orders-in-Council (since June 1998) designating these lands.  The Order-in-Council (O.C.) number is noted in the "Map & Legal Description" column.

For information regarding land descriptions, contact Duke Hunter.

Downloadable Datasets

Wilderness Areas3249,548.80100,988.79
Ecological Reserves1566,329.2926,843.34
Wildland Provincial Parks324,278,338.961,731,439.59
Willmore Wilderness Park11,135,872.00459,671.04
Provincial Parks76546,984.29221,363.92
Provincial Recreation Areas208217,180.3987,891.58
Heritage Rangelands229,677.8412,010.47
Natural Areas139321,090.99129,943.98
Section 7 Land103584.301450.51


NameClassSection 7 LandAcresHectaresMap & Legal Description
AlexoNatural Area  82.5033.39O.C. 584/92
Alsike Bat LakeNatural Area  283.29114.65O.C. 454/71
Anderson CreekNatural Area  319.99129.50O.C. 378/87
Antelope HillProvincial Park  930.91376.73O.C. 455/2014
Antler Lake IslandNatural Area  1.60.65O.C. 378/87
Aspen BeachProvincial ParkYes  528.83214.02O.C. 388/96
Athabasca DunesEcological Reserve  9,315.003,769.78O.C. 614/88
AuroraNatural Area  2,279.92922.68O.C. 584/92
AylmerProvincial Recreation Area  18.167.35O.C. 7/98
Battle LakeNatural Area  160.0064.75O.C. 454/71
Bear LakeNatural Area  231.8993.85O.C. 454/71
Bearberry PrairieNatural Area  72.4029.30O.C. 454/71
Beauvais LakeProvincial Park  2,867.681,160.55O.C. 377/00
Beaver LakeProvincial Recreation Area  239.1996.80O.C. 390/97
Beaver Mines LakeProvincial Recreation Area  279.84113.25O.C. 7/98
BeaverdamProvincial Recreation Area  272.70110.36O.C. 603/2006
BeaverhillNatural Area  1,013.10410.00O.C. 378/87
Beaverhill Lake Heritage RangelandNatural Area  43,324.8617,533.57O.C. 451/99
BeehiveNatural Area  16,640.086,734.00O.C. 416/98
Bellis LakeNatural Area  153.2062.00O.C. 454/71-01
Bellis NorthNatural Area  2,689.651,088.50O.C. 519/95
Bentz LakeNatural Area  160.6165.00O.C. 519/95
Big BerlandProvincial Recreation Area  426.83172.74O.C. 7/98
Big ElbowProvincial Recreation Area  15.766.38O.C. 389/97
Big Hill SpringsProvincial Park  77.9431.54O.C. 337/95
Big KnifeProvincial Park  729.10295.07O.C. 292/86
Big Mountain CreekProvincial Recreation Area  30.9912.54O.C. 7/98
Bigelow ReservoirProvincial Recreation Area  30.0712.17O.C. 390/97
BigorayNatural Area  160.0064.75O.C. 454/71
BilbyNatural Area  310.40125.62O.C. 378/87
Birch MountainsWildland Provincial Park  357,066.96144,505.00O.C. 496/00
Black CreekHeritage Rangeland  19,108.237,733.10O.C. 139/2008
BlackstoneProvincial Recreation Area  7.983.23O.C. 7/98
Bleriot FerryProvincial Recreation Area  4.671.89O.C. 390/97
Blue RapidsProvincial Recreation AreaYes  8,953.003,623.00O.C. 370/2007
BluerockWildland Provincial Park  31,430.4512,719.59O.C. 307/01
Bob CreekWildland Provincial Park  51,340.9720,777.69O.C. 318/03
Bow ValleyWildland Provincial Park  92,339.1537,369.66O.C. 268/2010
Bow Valley Provincial Park  7,731.983,129.13O.C. 424/02
Bow Valley Provincial Recreation Area  9.443.82O.C. 389/97
Bragg CreekProvincial Park  316.36128.03O.C. 601/88
Brazeau CanyonWildland Provincial Park  12,451.995,039.32O.C. 322/01
Brazeau ReservoirProvincial Recreation Area  357.73144.77O.C. 7/98
Brazeau RiverProvincial Recreation Area  26.0910.56O.C. 7/98
Bridge LakeNatural Area  295.28119.50O.C. 519/95
Brown CreekProvincial Recreation Area  8.453.42O.C. 7/98
Brown-LoweryProvincial Park  686.50277.82O.C. 635/92
Buck LakeNatural Area  272.19110.16O.C. 454/71
Buck Lake CreekNatural Area  319.99129.50O.C. 454/71-60
Buck Lake Provincial Recreation Area  115.1746.61O.C. 390/97
Buffalo LakeProvincial Recreation Area  5.882.38O.C. 390/97
Buffalo TowerProvincial Recreation Area  48.8319.76O.C. 7/98
Bullshead ReservoirProvincial Recreation Area  10.874.40O.C. 390/97
Burnt TimberProvincial Recreation Area  81.3932.94O.C. 7/98
Burtonsville IslandNatural Area  810.48328.00O.C. 531/87
Butcher CreekNatural Area  507.68205.46O.C. 531/87
Calhoun BayProvincial Recreation Area  924.86374.29O.C. 390/97
Calling LakeProvincial Park  1,824.37738.32O.C. 623/91
Canmore Nordic CentreProvincial Park  1,988.73804.84O.C. 426/02
Caribou MountainsWildland Provincial Park  1,460,361.70591,008.40O.C. 308/01
Caribou RiverNatural Area  481.84195.00O.C. 327/90
Carnwood ModesteNatural Area  160.9965.15O.C. 454/71
Carson-PegasusProvincial Park  2,988.971,209.64O.C. 762/89
Cartier CreekProvincial Recreation Area  109.8344.45O.C. 603/2006
Castle FallsProvincial Recreation Area  73.3129.67O.C. 07/98
Castle River BridgeProvincial Recreation Area  38.0515.40O.C. 07/98
Cat CreekProvincial Recreation Area  25.4010.28O.C. 389/97
Cataract CreekProvincial Recreation Area  131.4853.21O.C. 389/97
Centre of AlbertaNatural Area  803.73325.27O.C. 519/95
Chain Lakes Provincial Park  1,010.56408.95O.C. 638/73
Chain Lakes Provincial Recreation Area  51.6720.51O.C. 7/98
Chambers CreekProvincial Recreation Area  95.2338.54O.C. 7/98
Chambers Creek Group CampProvincial Recreation Area  182.8574.00O.C. 7/98
CheddervilleNatural Area  566.69229.34O.C. 454/71
Child Lake MeadowsNatural Area  959.97388.50O.C. 519/95
Chin CouleeProvincial Recreation Area  3.061.24O.C. 390/97
ChinchagaWildland Provincial Park  198,345.4980,270.42O.C. 536/99
ChinookProvincial Recreation Area  111.8145.25O.C. 7/98
ChisholmProvincial Recreation Area  4.051.64O.C. 390/97
Chrystina LakeProvincial Recreation Area  66.3426.85O.C. 7/98
Clear LakeNatural Area  231.0993.52O.C. 454/71
Clearwater RicinusNatural Area  212.1185.84O.C. 454/71
Clifford E. LeeNatural Area  28.0011.33O.C. 519/95
Coal Lake NorthProvincial Recreation Area  14.535.88O.C. 390/97
Cobble FlatsProvincial Recreation Area  225.4891.25O.C. 389/97
Cold LakeProvincial Park  14,453.045,849.15O.C. 217/04
Colin-Cornwall LakesWildland Provincial Park  174,028.6370,428.42O.C. 100/98
Cooking Lake-BlackfootProvincial Recreation Area  23,969.689,700.53O.C. 390/97
Cow LakeNatural Area  967.78391.66O.C. 454/71
Coyote LakeNatural Area  794.63321.59O.C. 584/92
Crane MeadowProvincial Recreation Area  8.803.56O.C. 7/98
Crescent FallsProvincial Recreation Area  646.36261.58O.C. 603/2006
Crimson LakeProvincial Park  7,929.233,208.96O.C. 763/89
CrippsdaleNatural Area  160.0064.75O.C. 454/71
Cross LakeProvincial Park  5,129.602,075.95O.C. 1202/81
Crow Lake Ecological Reserve  2,319.00938.47O.C. 433/87
Crow Lake Provincial Park  1,942.89786.27O.C. 378/00
Cypress HillsProvincial Park  50,532.8620,450.65O.C. 183/86
DawsonProvincial Recreation Area  5.832.36O.C. 389/97
Deer CreekProvincial Recreation Area  12.134.91O.C. 7/98
DemmittProvincial Recreation Area  4.891.98O.C. 390/97
Dillberry LakeProvincial ParkYes  2,977.831,205.13O.C. 205/00
DinosaurProvincial Park  19,980.128,085.96O.C. 344/04
Don GettyWildland Provincial Park  155,114.8962,775.00O.C. 306/01
Douglas FirNatural Area  791.34320.25O.C. 416/98
Dry HavenProvincial Recreation Area  5.442.20O.C. 7/98
Dry Island Buffalo JumpProvincial Park  3,949.141,598.22O.C. 379/00
DunveganProvincial ParkYes  22.899.26O.C. 317/92
Dunvegan WestWildland Provincial Park  51,810.7220,967.80O.C. 508/00
Dussault LakeNatural Area  139.3056.37O.C. 454/71
Dutch CreekProvincial Recreation Area  39.5115.99O.C. 7/98
Eagle PointProvincial ParkYes  4,848.001,962.00O.C. 369/07
EasyfordNatural Area  279.99113.31O.C. 454/71
Easyford CreekNatural Area  279.99113.31O.C. 951/75
Edgar T. JonesNatural Area  227.9992.27O.C. 519/95
Edith LakeProvincial Recreation Area  12.184.93O.C. 7/98
Egg IslandEcological Reserve  .89.36O.C. 612/92
Elbow FallsProvincial Recreation Area  236.2595.61O.C. 389/97
Elbow RiverProvincial Recreation Area  573.83232.23O.C. 389/97
Elbow River LaunchProvincial Recreation Area  37.9815.37O.C. 389/97
Elbow-SheepWildland Provincial Park  197,672.2179,997.95O.C. 527/98
Elk CreekProvincial Recreation Area  40.4016.35O.C. 603/2006
Elk Creek Fish PondProvincial Recreation Area  20.858.44O.C. 7/98
Elk RiverProvincial Recreation Area  82.2133.27O.C. 7/98
Emerson CreekNatural Area  479.98194.25O.C. 454/71
English BayProvincial Recreation AreaYes  44.3317.94O.C. 390/97
Engstrom LakeProvincial Recreation Area  144.1658.34O.C. 603/2006
Etherington CreekProvincial Recreation Area  113.6445.99O.C. 389/97
Evan-ThomasProvincial Recreation Area  6,354.062,571.49O.C. 482/2004
Eyrie GapProvincial Recreation Area  9.743.94O.C. 389/97
Fairfax LakeProvincial Recreation Area  321.62130.16O.C. 603/2006
Fallen TimberProvincial Recreation Area  6.522.64O.C. 390/97
Fallen Timber SouthProvincial Recreation Area  123.6050.02O.C. 7/98
Fawcett LakeProvincial Recreation Area  118.1947.83O.C. 7/98
Fickle LakeProvincial Recreation Area  2,847.941,152.56O.C. 501/00
Fidler-GreywillowWildland Provincial Park  16,112.466,520.63O.C. 101/98
Figure Eight LakeProvincial Recreation Area  222.6190.09O.C. 390/97
Fir CreekProvincial Recreation Area  16.416.64O.C. 389/97
Fish CreekProvincial Park  3,349.781,355.66O.C. 598/03
Fish LakeProvincial Recreation Area  1,010.26408.84O.C. 603\2006
Fisher CreekProvincial Recreation Area  27.4811.12O.C. 389/97
Fitzsimmons CreekProvincial Recreation Area  4.791.94O.C. 389/97
Fort Assiniboine SandhillsWildland Provincial Park  19,528.057,903.00O.C. 47/97
Fort VermilionProvincial Recreation Area  12.435.03O.C. 390/97
Franchere BayProvincial Recreation Area  28.8511.68O.C. 390/97
Freeman RiverProvincial Recreation Area  24.319.84O.C. 7/98
French BayProvincial Recreation Area  1,110.38449.37O.C. 390/97
Gadsby LakeNatural Area  160.0064.75O.C. 454/71
Garner LakeProvincial Park  182.8373.99O.C. 387/97
Garner Orchid FenNatural Area  410.85166.27O.C. 345/04
GeneseeNatural Area  443.29179.40O.C. 519/95
George LakeNatural Area  318.99129.10O.C. 454/71
Ghost AirstripProvincial Recreation Area  401.09162.32O.C. 603/2006
Ghost ReservoirProvincial Recreation Area  59.2323.97O.C. 390/97
Ghost RiverWilderness Area  37,849.6015,317.18N/A
Gipsy LakeWildland Provincial Park  88,377.3235,766.30O.C. 511/00
Glenbow RanchProvincial Park  3,296.861,334.24O.C. 136/2008
Gleniffer ReservoirProvincial Recreation Area  339.28137.31O.C. 609/2009
Goldeye LakeProvincial Recreation Area  126.3451.13O.C. 603/2006
Goose MountainEcological Reserve  3,080.001,246.48O.C. 615/88
Gooseberry LakeProvincial Park  128.0051.79O.C. 529/66
Gooseberry Provincial Recreation Area  103.3641.83O.C. 389/97
Grand RapidsWildland Provincial Park  65,064.6026,331.64O.C. 429/04
Greene ValleyProvincial Park  7,737.363,131.31O.C. 206/00
GreenfordProvincial Recreation Area  4.871.97O.C. 390/97
Gregoire LakeProvincial Park  1,720.28696.20O.C. 22/88
Grizzly RidgeWildland Provincial Park  26,454.3310,706.07O.C. 154/99
GunnProvincial Recreation Area  3.481.41O.C. 390/97
Halfmoon LakeNatural Area  816.77330.55O.C. 378/87
Halfway LakeNatural Area  320.99129.90O.C. 454/71
Hand HillsEcological Reserve  5,507.802,229.02O.C. 38/88
HangingstoneProvincial Recreation Area  37.2915.09O.C. 390/97
HarlechProvincial Recreation Area  34.1213.81O.C. 7/98
Harper CreekNatural Area  6,473.932,620.00O.C. 519/95
Hastings Lake IslandsNatural Area  9.703.93O.C. 519/95
Hay-Zama LakesWildland Provincial Park  120,089.1248,600.07O.C. 202/99
Heart CreekProvincial Recreation Area  23.899.67O.C. 389/97
Heart River DamProvincial Recreation Area  43.5117.61O.C. 390/97
HeatburgNatural Area  78.1031.61O.C. 454/71
HighwayNatural Area  642.45260.00O.C. 951/75
HighwoodProvincial Recreation Area  75.3630.50O.C. 389/97
Highwood CompoundProvincial Recreation Area  26.8110.85O.C. 389/97
Highwood JunctionProvincial Recreation Area  14.285.78O.C. 389/97
Highwood RiverNatural Area  24.209.79O.C. 454/71
Hilliard's BayProvincial Park  5,744.942,324.90O.C. 13/2012
HoadleyNatural Area  160.6165.00O.C. 454/71
Holmes Crossing SandhillsEcological Reserve  4,899.071,982.65O.C. 183/97
HondoNatural Area  961.20389.00O.C. 587/87
Honeymoon CreekProvincial Recreation Area  18.387.44O.C. 7/98
HorburgProvincial Recreation Area  31.3112.67O.C. 603/2006
Hornbeck CreekProvincial Recreation Area  13.155.32O.C. 390/97
Horseshoe CreekNatural Area  799.97323.75O.C. 454/71
Hubert LakeWildland Provincial Park  23,883.619,665.46O.C. 380/00
Indian GravesProvincial Recreation Area  36.1314.62O.C. 389/97
Ings' MineProvincial Recreation Area  66.7227.00O.C. 389/97
InnisfailNatural Area  158.9664.33O.C. 378/87
Iosegun LakeProvincial Recreation Area  286.31115.87O.C. 603/2006
Island LakeProvincial Recreation Area  6.352.57O.C. 390/97
Isle LakeNatural Area  261.76105.94O.C. 454/71
J.J. CollettNatural Area  635.04257.00O.C. 519/95
Jackfish LakeProvincial Recreation Area  501.45202.93O.C. 603/2006
Jackson Lake Trail StagingProvincial Recreation Area  155.5562.95O.C. 390/97
James-WilsonProvincial Recreation Area  39.0615.81O.C. 7/98
Jarvis BayProvincial Park  212.1185.84O.C. 327/86
Jensen ReservoirProvincial Recreation Area  22.739.20O.C. 390/97
Jumpingpound CreekProvincial Recreation Area  31.1112.59O.C. 389/97
Kakina LakeNatural Area  160.0064.75O.C. 454/71
KakwaWildland Provincial Park  160,435.0064,928.00O.C. 37/96
Kakwa RiverProvincial Recreation Area  17.867.23O.C. 7/98
KehiwinProvincial Recreation Area  10.904.41O.C. 390/97
Kennedy CouleeEcological Reserve  2,640.001,068.37O.C. 690/87
Killarney-Reflex Lakes Heritage RangelandNatural Area  6,748.372,731.07O.C. 211/00
Kinbrook IslandProvincial Park  1,334.08539.90O.C. 342/95
Kleskun HillNatural Area  160.0064.75O.C. 597/87
Kootenay PlainsProvincial Recreation Area  267.51108.26O.C. 7/98
Kootenay Plains Ecological Reserve  8,496.803,438.66O.C. 546/95
La Biche RiverWildland Provincial ParkYes  42,781.9317,313.85O.C. 504/02
La Butte CreekWildland Provincial Park  44,840.6218,146.75O.C. 102/98
La SalineNatural Area  721.52292.00O.C. 327/90
Lac La NonneNatural Area  140.8557.00O.C. 584/92
Lake McGregorProvincial Recreation Area  345.61139.87O.C. 390/97
LakelandProvincial Recreation Area  109,541.1044,329.75O.C. 390/97
Lakeland Provincial Park  36,324.4814,700.52O.C. 56/92
Lantern CreekProvincial Recreation Area  28.1411.39O.C. 389/97
Lawrence LakeProvincial Recreation Area  659.92267.07O.C. 603/2006
Lesser Slave LakeWildland Provincial Park  8,849.643,581.45O.C. 73/01
Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park  18,821.377,617.01O.C. 90/2001
Lily LakeNatural Area  424.98171.99O.C. 454/71
LinehamProvincial Recreation Area  17.697.16O.C. 389/97
Little BowProvincial Park  271.57109.90O.C. 1392/72
Little Bow ReservoirProvincial Recreation Area  173.9170.38O.C. 390/97
Little ElbowProvincial Recreation Area  530.02214.50O.C. 389/97
Little Fish LakeProvincial Park  151.2161.19O.C. 570/79
Little Smoky RiverProvincial Recreation Area  5.212.11O.C. 390/97
Little Sundance CreekProvincial Recreation Area  58.8623.82O.C. 7/98
Livingstone FallsProvincial Recreation Area  58.6623.74O.C. 603/2006
Lloyd CreekNatural Area  1,377.95557.66O.C. 454/71
Lois Hole CentennialProvincial Park  4,447.391,799.80O.C. 269/2010
Long LakeProvincial Park  1,887.47763.86O.C. 1074/71
Lovett RiverProvincial Recreation Area  98.8638.39O.C. 7/98
Lundbreck FallsProvincial Recreation Area  22.869.25O.C. 337/2014
Lusk CreekProvincial Recreation Area  33.9513.74O.C. 389/97
Lynx CreekProvincial Recreation Area  63.6025.74O.C. 603/2006
Machesis LakeProvincial Recreation Area  191.5277.51O.C. 603/2006
Magee LakeNatural Area  160.6165.00O.C. 454/71
Majeau LakeNatural Area  320.98129.90O.C. 454/71
MallaigProvincial Recreation Area  5.582.26O.C. 390/97
Maqua LakeProvincial Recreation Area  473.31191.54O.C. 603/2006
Marguerite RiverWildland Provincial Park  485,055.34196,301.90O.C. 512/00
MarkervilleNatural Area  128.0051.80O.C. 861/76
MarshybankEcological Reserve  2,050.00829.61O.C. 436/87
Matthews CrossingNatural Area  767.67310.68O.C. 454/71
Maybelle RiverWildland Provincial Park  37,828.4615,308.97O.C. 104/98
MaycroftProvincial Recreation Area  14.805.99O.C. 390/97
McLean CreekProvincial Recreation Area  606.60245.49O.C. 389/97
McLeod RiverProvincial Recreation Area  79.5732.20O.C. 603/2006
Medicine LakeProvincial Recreation Area  99.7840.38O.C. 7/98
Medicine Lodge HillsNatural Area  160.6165.00O.C. 584/92
Mesa ButteProvincial Recreation Area  23.829.64O.C. 389/97
Michelle ReservoirProvincial Recreation Area  22.399.06O.C. 390/97
MidlandProvincial Park  1,479.88598.91O.C. 765/89
Milk RiverNatural Area  13,205.635,344.32O.C. 327/90
Mill IslandNatural Area  197.2979.84O.C. 454/71
Minnow LakeProvincial Recreation Area  891.28360.70O.C. 603/2006
Miquelon LakeProvincial ParkYes  3,210.731,299.38O.C. 67/2006
Mist CreekProvincial Recreation Area  38.8015.70O.C. 389/97
Mitchell LakeProvincial Recreation Area  53.2221.54O.C. 603/2006
Modeste CreekNatural Area  960.97388.90O.C. 454/71
Modeste SaskatchewanNatural Area  996.57403.31O.C. 454/71
Moonshine LakeProvincial Park  2,726.691,103.49O.C. 154/98
Moose LakeProvincial Park  1,816.98735.33O.C. 604/88
Moose Mountain TrailheadProvincial Recreation Area  37.9015.34O.C. 389/97
Mount ButteNatural Area  160.0063.54O.C. 454/71
Mt. LivingstoneNatural Area  1,321.97535.00O.C. 731/87
Muriel LakeProvincial Recreation Area  20.738.39O.C. 390/97
Musreau LakeProvincial Recreation Area  4,456.681,803.62O.C. 603/2006
Mystery LakeNatural Area  120.0048.56O.C. 454/71
NewbrookProvincial Recreation Area  4.891.98O.C. 390/97
Newton LakeNatural Area  85.2034.48O.C. 519/95
Noel LakeNatural Area  659.75267.00O.C. 519/95
NojackProvincial Recreation Area  8.053.26O.C. 390/97
North BruderheimProvincial Recreation Area  1,093.96442.71O.C. 274/2012
North Buck LakeProvincial Recreation Area  274.87111.24O.C. 390/97
North Cooking LakeNatural Area  405.24164.00O.C. 584/92
North ForkProvincial Recreation Area  40.8916.55O.C. 389/97
North Ram RiverProvincial Recreation Area  35.4514.31O.C. 7/98
Northwest of BruderheimNatural Area  641.00259.41O.C. 588/2007
NotikewinProvincial Park  23,960.379,696.76O.C. 294/86
Obed LakeProvincial Park  8,405.273,401.53O.C. 502/00
O'BrienProvincial Park  161.1565.22O.C. 328/86
O'ChieseNatural Area  929.97376.36O.C. 584/92
OH RanchHeritage Rangeland  10,569.614,277.37O.C. 400/2008
Old Baldy Pass TrailProvincial Recreation Area  70.0528.35O.C. 389/97
Oldman DamProvincial Recreation Area  11,973.394,845.63O.C. 390/97
Oldman RiverProvincial Recreation Area  5.982.42O.C. 390/97
Oldman River NorthProvincial Recreation Area  97.5839.49O.C. 603/2006
Ole Buck MountainNatural Area  882.07356.97O.C. 454/71
Ole's LakeProvincial Recreation Area  200.3781.09O.C. 603/2006
Onefour Heritage RangelandNatural Area  27,588.8111,165.19O.C. 498/00
OpalNatural Area  919.97372.31O.C. 454/71
Open CreekNatural Area  160.0764.75O.C. 454/71
OtauwauNatural Area  632.15255.83O.C. 786/87
Otter-Orloff LakesWildland Provincial Park  17,168.276,948.00O.C. 430/00
Outpost WetlandsNatural Area  179.0072.44O.C. 588/87
Paddle RiverNatural Area  158.1464.00O.C. 951/75
Paddle River DamProvincial Recreation Area  172.6769.88O.C. 390/97
Park CourtNatural Area  353.34143.00O.C. 454/71
Park LakeProvincial Park  553.36223.93O.C. 931/76
ParklandNatural Area  643.74260.52O.C. 584/92
Payne LakeProvincial Recreation Area  92.2737.34O.C. 390/97
Peace RiverWildland Provincial ParkYes  60,694.7924,563.18O.C. 309/01
Peace River Provincial Recreation Area  13.055.28O.C. 390/97
Peaceful ValleyProvincial Recreation Area  12.535.07O.C. 390/97
Pembina ForksProvincial Recreation Area  26.8810.88O.C. 7/98
Pembina RiverNatural Area  197.1979.80O.C. 454/71
Pembina River Provincial Park  413.15167.20O.C. 964/80
Pembina River-Moon LakeNatural Area  241.7597.84O.C. 158/77
Peppers LakeProvincial Recreation Area  38.9415.76O.C. 7/98
Peppers Lake StagingProvincial Recreation Area  34.1513.82O.C. 7/98
Peter LougheedProvincial Park  123,900.0050,142.33O.C. 793/85
Phyllis LakeProvincial Recreation Area  270.00109.27O.C. 603/2006
PicklejarProvincial Recreation Area  20.298.21O.C. 389/97
Pierre Grey's LakesProvincial Park  1,563.13632.60O.C. 604/2006
Pigeon LakeProvincial Park  1,095.72443.42O.C. 332/82
Pine GroveProvincial Recreation Area  67.5127.32O.C. 389/97
PinesProvincial Recreation Area  46.4518.80O.C. 390/97
PinetopProvincial Recreation Area  12.164.92O.C. 389/97
Pinto Creek CanyonNatural Area  3,044.691,232.19O.C. 325/01
Plateau MountainEcological Reserve  5,740.002,322.98O.C. 821/91
Poacher's LandingProvincial Recreation Area  4,325.011,750.33O.C. 505/2002
Police OutpostProvincial Park  550.61222.82O.C. 333/82
Police PointNatural Area  914.26370.00O.C. 531/87
Poplar CreekNatural Area  800.96324.15O.C. 784/77
Prairie CouleesNatural Area  4,416.921,787.53O.C. 49/97
Prairie CreekProvincial Recreation Area  93.9038.00O.C. 7/98
Prairie Creek Group CampProvincial Recreation Area  33.0613.38O.C. 7/98
Prefontaine Brock LakesNatural Area  470.28190.32O.C. 454/71
Queen ElizabethProvincial Park  211.4785.57O.C. 811/78
RacehorseProvincial Recreation Area  35.1614.23O.C. 7/98
Rainbow LakeProvincial Recreation Area  62.7625.40O.C. 7/98
Ram FallsProvincial Park  1,012.33409.69O.C. 605/2006
RavenProvincial Recreation Area  2.741.11O.C. 390/97
Red Deer RiverProvincial Recreation Area  288.44116.73O.C. 7/98
Red LodgeProvincial Park  318.97129.08O.C. 605/88
Red Rock CouleeNatural Area  800.96324.15O.C. 146/85
RedwaterProvincial Recreation Area  5,498.352,225.10O.C. 272/2012
Redwater RiverNatural Area  160.0064.75O.C. 454/71
Ribstone Creek Heritage RangelandNatural Area  20,576.288,327.22O.C. 210/00
Richardson River DunesWildland Provincial Park  79,153.9432,033.16O.C. 105/98
Riverlot 56Natural Area  266.86108.00O.C. 221/87
Rochon SandsProvincial Park  295.25119.49O.C. 627/91
Rock LakeProvincial Park  4,106.681,661.92O.C. 436/2009
Rock Lake - Solomon CreekWildland Provincial Park  81,923.3133,153.19O.C. 437/2009
Rocky RapidsNatural Area  161.0065.15O.C. 146/85
RoseleaNatural Area  643.98260.62O.C. 454/71
Ross LakeNatural Area  4,800.001,942.56O.C. 390/96
Round ValleyNatural Area  319.99129.50O.C. 454/71
RumseyNatural Area  36,872.2414,922.20O.C. 390/96
Rumsey Ecological Reserve  8,480.003,431.86O.C. 511/90
Running LakeProvincial Recreation Area  263.65106.70O.C. 603/2006
Sand LakeNatural Area  7,028.442,844.41O.C. 519/95
Saskatoon IslandProvincial Park  250.61101.41O.C. 1602/73
Saskatoon MountainNatural Area  1,766.74715.00O.C. 519/95
SaulteauxNatural Area  640.00259.00O.C. 587/87
SaundersProvincial Recreation Area  23.429.48O.C. 7/98
Scalp CreekNatural Area  1,772.89717.47O.C. 327/90
Schrader Creek - Red Deer RiverNatural Area  42.9017.36O.C. 454/71
SentinelProvincial Recreation Area  36.3714.72O.C. 389/97
Seven MileProvincial Recreation Area  91.4237.00O.C. 7/98
Sheep CreekNatural Area  11.804.78O.C. 454/71
Sheep Creek Provincial Recreation Area  25.8910.48O.C. 7/98
Sheep RiverProvincial Park  15,299.336,191.60O.C. 310/01
Sherwood ParkNatural Area  168.8968.35O.C. 519/95
Shunda ViewpointProvincial Recreation Area  39.9816.18O.C. 7/98
Shuttler FlatsProvincial Recreation Area  32.5413.17O.C. 7/98
Sibbald LakeProvincial Recreation Area  179.1772.51O.C. 389/97
Sibbald Meadows PondProvincial Recreation Area  24.599.95O.C. 389/97
Sibbald ViewpointProvincial Recreation Area  19.427.86O.C. 389/97
SiffleurWilderness Area  101,843.2041,214.47N/A
Silver ValleyEcological Reserve  4,460.401,805.06O.C. 437/87
Simonette RiverProvincial Recreation Area  134.2054.31O.C. 39/2011
Sir Winston ChurchillProvincial Park  1,636.26662.17O.C. 117/2010
Smoke LakeProvincial Recreation Area  253.64102.65O.C. 603/2006
Smoky River SouthProvincial Recreation Area  223.7990.57O.C. 7/98
Snakes HeadNatural Area  132.9953.82O.C. 454/71
Snow CreekProvincial Recreation Area  164.0864.03O.C. 7/98
South GhostProvincial Recreation Area  16.366.62O.C. 603/2006
SouthviewProvincial Recreation Area  6.422.60O.C. 7/98
Spray ValleyProvincial Park  67,881.1527,471.50O.C. 484/04
Spruce Island LakeNatural Area  1,601.19648.00O.C. 584/92
St. FrancisNatural Area  118.4147.92O.C. 333/79
St. Mary ReservoirProvincial Recreation Area  426.74172.70O.C. 390/97
Stoney CreekProvincial Recreation Area  32.0212.96O.C. 389/97
Stoney LakeProvincial Recreation Area  429.90173.98O.C. 603/2006
Stony MountainWildland Provincial Park  34,529.2813,974.00O.C. 513/00
StrachanProvincial Recreation Area  79.7632.28O.C. 7/98
Strathcona ScienceProvincial Park  269.75109.16O.C. 1136/79
StrawberryProvincial Recreation Area  114.8346.47O.C. 389/97
Sturgeon LakeNatural Area  69.1928.00O.C. 786/87
Sulphur GatesProvincial Recreation Area  2,689.231,088.33O.C. 603/2006
Sulphur LakeProvincial Recreation Area  373.41151.12O.C. 603/2006
SundanceNatural Area  320.00129.50O.C. 454/71
Sundance Provincial Park  9,171.983,711.90O.C. 186/99
SundreNatural Area  115.4946.74O.C. 454/71
Sundre NorthNatural Area  25.7010.40O.C. 454/71
Sundre Red DeerNatural Area  33.4013.52O.C. 454/71
Swan LakeProvincial Recreation Area  614.33248.62O.C. 603/2006
Sylvan LakeNatural Area  33.2013.44O.C. 786/87
Sylvan Lake Provincial Park  165.6367.03O.C. 46/2010
SynclineProvincial Recreation Area  36.6414.83O.C. 603/2006
TawatinawNatural Area  2,079.94841.75O.C. 584/92
Tay RiverProvincial Recreation Area  3.851.56O.C. 390/97
Taylor LakeNatural Area  105.0042.49O.C. 454/71
The NarrowsProvincial Recreation Area  59.4024.04O.C. 390/97
Thompson CreekProvincial Recreation Area  288.66116.82O.C. 603/2006
ThorsbyNatural Area  160.9865.15O.C. 454/71
Threepoint CreekNatural Area  129.0152.21O.C. 146/85
Thunder LakeProvincial Park  514.39208.17O.C. 344/95
TillebrookProvincial Park  343.87139.15O.C. 969/77
Tolman Badlands Heritage RangelandNatural Area  14,689.615,944.89O.C. 383/00
Town CreekNatural Area  639.98259.00O.C. 519/95
Trapper Lea's CabinProvincial Recreation Area  18.367.43O.C. 390/97
Travers ReservoirProvincial Recreation Area  3.161.28O.C. 390/97
Trout PondProvincial Recreation Area  5.612.27O.C. 389/97
Twin LakesProvincial Recreation Area  12.284.97O.C. 390/97
Twin River Heritage RangelandNatural Area  47,016.4119,027.54O.C. 538/99
Two LakesProvincial Park  3,871.041,566.61O.C. 608/2006
Upper Mann LakeNatural Area  400.30162.00O.C. 519/95
VegaNatural Area  249.10100.81O.C. 48/97
VermilionProvincial Park  1,875.42758.98O.C. 345/95
Victoria SettlementNatural Area  35.0014.16O.C. 454/71
Wabamun LakeProvincial Park  571.61231.33O.C. 76/93
WagnerNatural Area  540.84218.88O.C. 346/04
Wainwright DunesEcological Reserve  6,970.662,821.03O.C. 39/88
Waiparous CreekProvincial Recreation Area  252.68102.26O.C. 7/98
Waiparous Creek Group CampProvincial Recreation Area  43.0717.43O.C. 7/98
Waiparous Valley ViewpointProvincial Recreation Area  7.172.90O.C. 603/2006
WapiabiProvincial Recreation Area  9,965.554,033.06O.C. 497/2000
Ware CreekProvincial Recreation Area  9.073.67O.C. 389/97
Washout CreekNatural Area  319.00129.10O.C. 454/71
Waskahigan RiverProvincial Recreation Area  1,739.68704.05O.C. 603/2006
Waterton ReservoirProvincial Recreation Area  55.2522.36O.C. 390/97
Watson CreekProvincial Recreation Area  83.6233.84O.C. 7/98
WealdProvincial Recreation Area  75.8530.70O.C. 7/98
Welch CreekNatural Area  159.4564.53O.C. 454/71
West Bragg CreekProvincial Recreation Area  61.6324.94O.C. 389/97
West Castle WetlandsEcological Reserve  232.6794.16O.C. 357/98
White Earth ValleyNatural Area  5,077.842,055.00O.C. 327/90
White GoatWilderness Area  109,856.0044,457.14N/A
Whitecourt MountainNatural Area  1,345.19544.40O.C. 519/95
WhitehorseWildland Provincial Park  42,811.8817,325.54O.C. 324/02
Whitehorse CreekProvincial Recreation Area  56.8823.02O.C. 7/98
Whitemud FallsWildland Provincial Park  9,495.043,842.55O.C. 431/00
Whitemud Falls Ecological Reserve  2,137.00864.85O.C. 616/88
Whitney LakesProvincial ParkYes  3,678.741,488.77O.C. 296/86
Wild HorseProvincial Recreation Area  11.934.83O.C. 603/2006
Wildcat IslandNatural Area  19.507.89O.C. 378/87
WildhayProvincial Recreation Area  9.023.65O.C. 7/98
Wildhay Glacial CascadesNatural Area  6,120.032,476.78O.C. 325/01
WildhorseProvincial Recreation Area  39.4615.97O.C. 389/97
Wildhorse LakeProvincial Recreation Area  209.4984.78O.C. 7/98
William A. SwitzerProvincial Park  15,130.346,123.25O.C. 324/01
WilliamsonProvincial Park  42.8817.35O.C. 1384/71
Willmore  1,135,872.00459,671.04O.C. 1234/65
Willow CreekProvincial Park  194.1078.55O.C. 47/2010
Wilson CreekNatural Area  160.0064.75O.C. 454/71
WinagamiWildland Provincial Park  31,298.8112,666.63O.C. 433/00
Winagami LakeProvincial Park  16,165.746,542.28O.C. 432/00
Wolf CreekProvincial Recreation Area  8.653.50O.C. 389/97
Wolf LakeProvincial Recreation Area  107.5443.52O.C. 390/97
Wolf Lake WestProvincial Recreation Area  78.4836.76O.C. 7/98
WoolfordProvincial Park  86.5135.00O.C. 2047/67
Writing-on-StoneProvincial Park  6,644.792,689.05O.C. 408/2011
Wyndham-CarselandProvincial Park  440.33178.19O.C. 856/79
YatesNatural Area  471.46190.80O.C. 519/95
Young's PointProvincial Park  7,910.823,201.50O.C. 199/2012