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Crown Land

Crown land includes all lands held by the federal and provincial governments. 


A disposition is a permit, licence or lease that grants permission, identifies the location, and sets the conditions (rules and standards) and fees for an activity or development.

Existing Commitments

Existing commitments are defined by any subsurface or surface tenure, disposition, right, agreement or approval that existed before a protected area was established.  Industrial Development has information on honouring existing commitments in Alberta parks.

Mineral Commitments

Existing mineral commitments are defined as any tenure, disposition, right, agreement or approval that existed prior to park designation.  Honouring these commitments includes all activities, subsurface and surface, needed to win, work and recover the mineral resource defined in the existing mineral commitments.

Park Land

Park land is a category of public lands that is managed by Alberta Environment & Parks for specific conservation, recreation and tourism objectives and values.

Public Land

Public land includes lands held by the Government of Alberta and excludes federal, municipal and private land.  Public lands are managed by Alberta Environment & Parks for a variety of land-uses (e.g. forestry, agriculture, recreation, industrial development.)


Updated: Jul 26, 2016