Fish Creek Provincial Park

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Signs of Fall

Beginning with four sensory awareness activities, students can immerse themselves in Fish Creek Fall. They will explore buds, the functions of living and dead leaves, seed dispersal methods and animal changes as the plants and animals of Fish Creek prepare for the winter months.

Students will:

  • Discover that some plants grow from seeds and explore seed dispersal
  • Learn about the functions of plant buds in winter survival
  • Explore colours in nature and how mixing colours creates new hues
  • Compare the sizes, shapes and colours of dead and living leaves on trees
  • Discuss the value of fallen leaves for animals to use as a shelter
  • Experience how seasonal changes influence changes in temperatures
  • Students will associate seasonal changes with temperature changes.
Grade(s): 1
Curriculum: Science
    • Senses/Seasons
    Field Study
Duration: Full-Day
Location: Fish Creek Environmental Learning Centre
Fees: $120 per class
Availability: September and October
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Updated: Mar 14, 2024