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This is an excellent hands-on program to develop map reading and orienteering skills. There are curriculum connections with math, social studies, physical education and outdoor education. Additional activities enhance student learning about the cultural and natural environment, human impact and safety outdoors. Students should have basic map reading skills. There is a new course for elementary classes, Jr/Sr High course and activities remain the same.

Note to drop-in groups:

  • The orienteering route for elementary classes has been changed.
  • All orienteering routes used must be booked to avoid scheduling conflicts. 
  • Booking is for route use only. It does not include space rental in Fish Creek Environmental Learning Centre.
Grade(s): 3 - 12
Curriculum: Environmental and Outdoor Education
    • Many
    • No theme for ENVOE1
    Field Study
Duration: Half-Day
Location: Fish Creek Environmental Learning Centre
Fees: $0 - $210 per class depending on staff direction & facility use
Availability: Year-round
Booking Information

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Updated: Mar 14, 2024