Fish Creek Provincial Park

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Animals & Winter

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Students use an exploratory approach to discover that animals have unique adaptations which enable them to meet their basic needs during winter.

Students will:

  • Search for the signs and evidence of animals eating, their movement and their shelter
  • Investigate insect galls and discover unique adaptations to survive the winter
  • Observe the natural world with magnifying glasses
  • Listen for different sounds, noting the direction and the proximity of the sound, then draw those sounds
  • Compare and contrast the textures of natural objects to provided samples
  • Identify colours in nature using a “colour palette”
    • Topic B-Seasonal Changes
    • Topic D-Senses
Type:Field Study
Location:Fish Creek Environmental Learning Centre
Fees:$120 per class
Availability:December - February

Teaching Resources:

Updated: Sep 2, 2022