Cypress Hills Provincial Park

Alberta Parks

Trees & Forests

Ice Safety: Alberta Parks does not monitor ice conditions; learn how to assess them for yourself.

Students come to understand the role and value of forests for humans and wildlife through a series of activities. They analyze the characteristics that distinguish deciduous and coniferous trees from other plants. Students identify four or more tree and plant species in the Cypress Hills.

This program includes

  • Comparing different tree and plant species found in the Cypress Hills
  • Use a dicotomous key for local plants
  • Interpret the growth pattern of two different trees using tree cookies
    • Topic E
Type:Field Study
Duration:2 Hours
Location:Learning Centre
Fees:$5 per student (minimum charge of $75)
Availability:Fall, Spring, Summer

This program can be paired with Evidence & Investigation to create a full-day trip.

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    Updated: Apr 11, 2018