Cypress Hills Provincial Park

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Ecosystem Field Studies

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Explore the ecosystems of the Cypress Hills during this full-day field study. Depending on the grade level, two aquatic ecosystems and three terrestrial sites are visited. Students analyze and compare biotic and abiotic factors at each site.  In this 4.5 hour program, students

  • Compare and contrast biological features in different ecosystems: lentic, lotic, grassland, old growth forest, Willow Creek fire (1934).
  • Use digital instruments to conduct field tests such as pH and dissolved oxygen.
  • Identify and record the variety of biotic organisms living in each ecosystem.
  • Discover examples of symbiotic and parasitic relationships.
  • Set transects to compare different forest types.
  • Assess the health of aquatic ecosystems.
Grade(s):7 , 9, 11
    • Grade 7 Ecosystems & Interactions
    • Grade 9 Biodiversity
    • Biology 20 Field Studies
Type:Field Study
Location:Various field sites in the Cypress Hills
Availability:Fall, Spring, Summer

Updated: Apr 11, 2018