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Updated: June 30, 2022

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June 30: The snowpack in Kananaskis is well above average for this time of year, due to low snow melt in April and May. Snow melt is currently 4 weeks behind, so what you may have been able to access safely in previous years could still be dangerous this year. Much of the terrain including popular hikes and scrambles in Kananaskis is still prone to avalanches. Visit https://www.avalanche.ca/spring-conditions and https://www.avalanche.ca/map/forecasts/kananaskis for more information and consider the precautions listed below.

  • Check snowpack, trail, and weather conditions before heading out into the backcountry.
  • Expect difficult conditions and more snow on trails than usual. Proper footwear and equipment are essential, such as microspikes, warm layers, and avalanche equipment depending on your plans.
  • Snow can make even easy to moderate trails difficult. Know your limits and hike within them.
  • Your group should have the skills, knowledge and training to travel in avalanche terrain if heading into the alpine - including Three Isle Lake, Aster Lake, and Turbine Canyon Campgrounds.
  • You should carry an emergency communications device and be aware that cellular service not available in this area.
  • Leave the details of your plan with a responsible person.

COVID-19 Updates: Taking steps to return to normal.


    • Be aware of avalanche conditions. Current conditions can be found at Avalanche Canada.
    • Practice wildlife safety. Travel in groups, make noise on the trail, and keep pets on leash. Carrying bear spray and knowing how to use it is highly recommended.
    • Caution is advised for natural hazards such as downed trees. Please report any downed trees on the trails.
    • Be sure not to overestimate your ability when planning your trip: Humility can be a life saver. Plan for rapidly changing conditions and bring extra socks.
    • It’s tick season! Ticks live on our trails and are prominent in the spring. Protect yourself from tick bites by covering your skin with light coloured clothing, using bug spray containing DEET, and checking yourself and your pets after you have been outside.

    Snow Depths:

    June 30, 2022:

    • Mud Lake: 0 cm
    • Burstall Pass: 96 cm
    • Aster Lake: 83 cm
    • Highwood Pass: 72 cm

    Snow depths are most up-to-date on https://www.avalanche.ca/ 


Trail Weather

Peter Lougheed
Jul 1 @ 08:57 AM 6 °C


Trail Name Permitted Activities (Legend) Status Keywords
1982 Canadian Mount Everest Expedition Interpretive
Hiking Open Hiking
Bill Benson
Hiking Open Hiking
Black Prince Cirque Interpretive
June 23: Muddy, mostly clear of snow. Note: The Blackshale Creek Suspension Bridge is NOT accessed on this trail.
Hiking Open Hiking
Boulton Creek Interpretive
Hiking Open Hiking
Burstall Pass
June 16: Deep snow. Note: Bikes permitted on first 2.9 km of trail ONLY.
Hiking Biking Open Biking/Cycling,Hiking Duane
Chester Lake
Closure: Until further notice to reduce environmental degradation.
Hiking Biking Closed Biking/Cycling,Hiking
Elbow Lake
Closure: For construction until November, 2022 between Elbow Pass Day Use Area and Elbow Lake.
Hiking Biking Horseback Riding - Equestrian Closed Biking/Cycling,Hiking,Horseback Riding
Elk Pass
June 21: A Mix of bare, very muddy, wet and snow patches with many downed trees
Hiking Biking Open Biking/Cycling,Hiking
High Rockies
Hiking Biking Open Biking/Cycling,Dog Sledding,Hiking
Highwood Meadows
Closure: To reduce environmental degradation 
Hiking Closed Hiking
Kananaskis Canyon Interpretive
Closure: Stream crossings washed away by penstock/dam construction. Trail is impassable and is closed indefinitely.
Hiking Closed Hiking
June 24: A mix of bare ground and snow patches, muddy in places. Downed trees removed.
Hiking Biking Open Biking/Cycling,Hiking
Lower Lake
June 29: Snow free.
Hiking Open Hiking Duane
Lower Lake Interpretive
June 29: Snow free.
Hiking Open Hiking
Marl Lake Interpretive
Hiking Open Hiking
June 22: Mainly snow free to the bottom of the headwall beyond Forks, then patchy snow transitioning to deep snow at higher elevations. Downed trees removed to the bottom of the headwall. Observed only to the headwall. Turbine Canyon Backcountry Campground (June 28): Closed to July 5 (inclusive) due to lingering snow conditions.
Hiking Open Hiking
Hiking Open Hiking
Peter Lougheed Paved
Hiking Biking Open Biking/Cycling,Hiking
Note: This report is NOT for the Pocaterra Ridge or Cirque trails
Hiking Biking Open Biking/Cycling,Hiking
Ptarmigan Cirque Interpretive
Closure: To reduce environmental degradation. 
Hiking Closed Hiking
Rawson Lake
June 23rd: Snow covered, deep at higher elevations. Downed trees removed. Note: Going beyond the end of the official trail is not advised due to snow and avalanche terrain around the lake.
Hiking Open Hiking
Rock Glacier Interpretive
Hiking Open Hiking
Hiking Open Hiking
Three Isle Lake
June 22nd: Snow free to the bottom of the Three Isle headwall, mainly snow covered beyond. Downed trees removed as far as the bottom of the headwall. Three Isle Lake/Turbine Canyon Backcountry Campground (June 28): Closed to July 5 (inclusive) due to lingering snow conditions. Forks Backcountry Campground (June 23): Closed for 2022 due to construction. Note: Bikes only permitted to Invincible Creek, 3.8 km from trailhead  
Hiking Biking Open Biking/Cycling,Hiking
Upper Lake
June 16: Downed trees removed between North Interlakes and Upper Lake Day Use Areas. Trail is snow covered with large patches of deeper snow between Rawson Lake trail intersection and Point Campground. Aster Lake Backcountry Campground (June 28): Closed to July 5 (inclusive) due to lingering snow conditions.
Hiking Biking Open Biking/Cycling,Hiking
Whiskey Jack
June 15: Mainly bare and very muddy in places with snow patches at higher elevations. Downed trees removed.
Hiking Biking Open Biking/Cycling,Hiking
William Watson Lodge Access
Hiking Biking Open Biking/Cycling,Hiking,Skiing Cross Country Skiing, XC