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Updated: June 04, 2023

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A Kananaskis Conservation Pass is required to park your vehicle in Kananaskis and the Bow Valley.

    Annual Road Closures:

    Highway #40: CLOSED south of Kananaskis Lakes Trail to Highwood House Junction, Dec 1 - Jun 14, inclusive



    • Practice wildlife safety. Travel in groups, make noise on the trail, and keep pets on leash. Carrying bear spray and knowing how to use it is highly recommended.
    • Caution is advised for natural hazards such as downed trees. Please report any downed trees on the trails.
    • Be sure not to overestimate your ability when planning your trip: Humility can be a life saver. Plan for rapidly changing conditions and bring extra clothing.
    • Wifi service is available at the Peter Lougheed Discovery Centre, even when the centre is closed and after-hours.


Trail Weather

Peter Lougheed
Jun 6 @ 12:55 PM 18 °C

Mostly sunny.

Trail Name Permitted Activities (Legend) Status Keywords
1982 Canadian Mount Everest Expedition Interpretive
Hiking Open Hiking
Bill Benson
Hiking Open Hiking
Black Prince Cirque Interpretive
Note: The Blackshale Creek Suspension Bridge is NOT accessed on this trail.
Hiking Open Hiking
Burstall Pass
Note: Bikes permitted on first 2.9 km of trail ONLY.
Hiking Biking Open Biking/Cycling,Hiking Duane
Chester Lake
Closed: May 1 - Jun 29 to allow area to dry and prevent damage to trail.
Hiking Biking Closed Biking/Cycling,Hiking
Elbow Lake
Warning: No vehicle access to trailhead Dec 1-June 14 inclusive. May 25: You will find some snow patches at the elevation of the lake.
Hiking Biking Horseback Riding - Equestrian Warning Biking/Cycling,Hiking,Horseback Riding
Elk Pass
Trail is entirely snow free with some met and muddy sections
Hiking Biking Open Biking/Cycling,Hiking
High Rockies
Jun 1: There are no more downed trees on trail section between the Black Prince day use and the Lower Lake dam. Note: A washout has occurred on the High Rockies Trail south of the Goat Creek Trail. See details. Note: Hiker-cyclist camping allowed at select day use areas only from Jun 1 - Sep 20. See details.  
Hiking Biking Open Biking/Cycling,Dog Sledding,Hiking
Highwood Meadows
Warning: No vehicle access to trailhead Dec 1-June 14 inclusive. 
Hiking Warning Hiking
Kananaskis Canyon Interpretive
Closure: Stream crossings washed away by penstock/dam construction. Trail is impassable and is closed indefinitely.
Hiking Closed Hiking
Hiking Biking Open Biking/Cycling,Hiking
Lower Lake
Hiking Open Hiking Duane
Lower Lake Interpretive
Hiking Open Hiking
Marl Lake Interpretive
Hiking Open Hiking
Note: This trail has been redirected just west of Forks for access to Turbine Canyon.
Hiking Open Hiking
Hiking Open Hiking
Peter Lougheed Paved
Hiking Biking Open Biking/Cycling,Hiking
June 1 : Snow free, all the trees are removed Note: This report is NOT for the Pocaterra Ridge or Cirque trails
Hiking Biking Open Biking/Cycling,Hiking
Ptarmigan Cirque Interpretive
Warning: No vehicle access to trailhead Dec 1-June 14 inclusive.
Hiking Warning Hiking
Rawson Lake
June 2: Mostly dry with some wet and muddy areas at lake elevation. Lake is ice free. Downed trees removed.
Hiking Open Hiking
Rock Glacier Interpretive
Warning: No vehicle access to trailhead Dec 1-June 14 inclusive.
Hiking Warning Hiking
Hiking Open Hiking
Three Isle Lake
Note: Bikes only permitted to Invincible Creek, 3.8 km from trailhead  
Hiking Biking Open Biking/Cycling,Hiking
Upper Lake
June 1: All trail is free of snow. Aster Lake Backcountry Campground: Closed until 2024 for construction. Point Backcountry Campground: Mainly free of snow. Downed trees removed. Note: Firewood is no longer supplied at Point Campground and collecting forest deadwood or cutting of trees is prohibited. Fire pits have been removed. No fires allowed.
Hiking Biking Open Biking/Cycling,Hiking
Whiskey Jack
June 1: The trail is snow free and all downed trees are removed.
Hiking Biking Open Biking/Cycling,Hiking
William Watson Lodge Access
Hiking Biking Open Biking/Cycling,Hiking,Skiing Cross Country Skiing, XC