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Updated: June 21, 2018

Spray Valley Trail Report

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Due to seasonal snow melt, rivers and streams are experiencing higher flows; exercise caution around moving water.  The past couple days have brought hot and dry weather which has allowed trails to dry out. Rain is in the forecast for the next couple days, trails may become wet and muddy.  Snow continues to linger at higher elevations, in particular on the east side of the Spray Valley and on north facing aspects of mountains.

Be cautious if choosing to hike in this area, as there is still the potential for late season avalanches in areas that have held lots of snow over the winter. At this time, hiking and biking is not recommended at higher elevations in this area of Kananaskis Country. Please allow time for trails to melt and dry out to avoid damage.


  1. Be wildlife aware! Bears are out, carrying bear spray is highly recommended. See the Wildlife Safety page for more information.
  2. If you are unaware of which trails have avalanche risk, please call the Kananaskis Information Line at 403-678-0760. 
    Avalanche forecasts and snow plots can be found on the Avalanche Canada website.
  3. Ticks are out for the season. Wearing a hat, plus covering up with long-sleeved shirts and long pants while recreating in grassy or wooded areas is recommended. Check for ticks once you are off the trail. Further information on how to avoid and remove ticks can be found on the MyHealth.Alberta website.
  4. Caution is advised for natural hazards such as downed trees and other natural hazards.


  1. Chester Lake Trail - Seasonal closure from May 1 to June 29
Trail Name Permitted Activities Status
Buller Creek
Burstall Pass
  • Bikes permitted on first 2.9 km of trail only 
Chester Lake
  • Seasonal closure to allow area to dry and prevent damage to trail.
High Rockies
  • This trail is still under construction and as such there is limited signage and flagging identifying the route.
Karst Spring
Spray Road West
Watridge Lake
Note Walkers and bikers, stay to the edge of the trail