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Upper Whitehorse Creek

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Cold Water Safety

Visitors be aware, in the mountains the water is cold all year. If you fall into the cold water it will affect you immediately.
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  • The main trail up Whitehorse Creek valley has been used for many years by hunters, hikers and people going through to Miette Hot Springs.
  • The route is a favourite of equestrian users. If you meet people on horseback, step aside, stand quietly, and allow them to pass.
  • After passing First Whitehorse Creek Falls, the valley opens up after about 0.5 km. Ignore the first trail to the right. After crossing a broken berm, the Upper Whitehorse Creek Trail takes off to the right. (There are actually two trails but they eventually join up after a rough climb followed soon by another splitting of the trail.)
  • The wide main trail leads up the valley through a forested section. After 4.2 km, you come to Trappers Backcountry Campground, a more open view up the valley, and the junction with Lower Whitehorse Creek Trail.
  • Cross the wild gravel outwash from a creek that flows into Whitehorse Creek then continue up the valley.
  • There is a “Y” junction after about 1.6 km; take the right fork. (The left fork goes to Sawmill Backcountry Campground).
  • After another km, there is a major junction (at km 7.5). The right-hand fork leads to Fiddle Pass and Miette Hot Springs. The left-hand fork goes toward Whitehorse Creek Falls.
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    Length:4.5 km one-way
    SummerHikingMtn Biking/CyclingEquestrian/Horseback Riding
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    Updated: Jun 19, 2017