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Prospect Creek (Drummond Ridge)

The Prospect Creek Trail provides a lovely hike alongside a mountain stream which eventually leads into stunning alpine meadows with mountain views.

  • The public road from Whitehorse Creek Public Recreation Area runs south beside the haul road to Teck Coal’s Cheviot mine.
  • At km 2.7, park at the small parking lot on the right-hand side of the road. Proceed on foot or on horseback through the underpass to access Prospect Creek Valley.
  • The hiking trail crosses the creek in a few places and has no bridges. Be prepared to wade in cold water.
  • At the top of Prospect Creek Valley there is a junction in the trail.  The trail to the right climbs steeply up to Drummond Ridge for stunning views of mountains, valleys and alpine meadows.

Active mining up Cheviot Creek also prevents access from the historic town site of Mountain Park to the upper part of Prospect Creek.

Length 5.4 km one-way
Elevation: 360 m
Summer hiking Hiking
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Updated: Oct 4, 2022