Whitehorse Wildland Provincial Park

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Lower Whitehorse Creek

  • Take the 0.3 km First Whitehorse Creek Falls Trail.
  • After another 0.5 km, the valley opens out. At the first junction, a trail leads up to the right to Leyland Basin (also known as Farmer’s Valley). Keep left instead.
  • After crossing a broken berm, stay left to follow the river. This narrow section of trail leads up to a rocky bluff overlooking the river that provides a fine view up the valley. The remains of a campsite are located in the trees but camping is no longer permitted at this site because it is within 1 km of Whitehorse Creek Campground).
  • A number of side trails lead up to the campground that avoid the steep rocky trail closer to the river. (All the trails join up further on.) This first section is perfect for a short walk from Whitehorse Creek PRA.
  • For the next 0.5 km, the trail traverses the hillside. Don't take the horse trail leading down to the left. Go right along the narrower “hikers only” trail. Then scramble up to another rocky knoll that provides great views of the spectacular Whitehorse Creek gorge and up the valley. (This is another good turning point for your return to the campground.)
  • For the next 2 km, the narrow trail crosses another hillside, angling down to a willow brush wetland. (Sloping traverses are very slippery when wet.)
  • Follow the distinct trail on the lower edge of the bench above the willows, through trees and more willows to reach a beaver dam and pond. (You’re in bear country and visibility is limited, so make lots of noise.)
  • Stay close to the river past the beaver pond. After another km through trees, you reach Trappers Backcountry Campground and the junction with Upper Whitehorse Creek Trail. You’ll have a more open view up the valley. From here, you can return by the Upper Whitehorse Creek Trail, a 4.2 km hike on a broader (and easier) trail.
  • After about 3 km, there are a couple of rough side trails. These trails join eventually so it doesn’t matter which you take. You’ll end up at the broken berm just before the trail narrows towards the First Falls. It’s 0.3 km back.
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    Length 5 km one-way
    Elevation: 108 m
    Summer hiking,horseback riding,snowshoeing Hiking Horseback Riding
    Winter Snowshoeing
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    Updated: Jun 19, 2017