Whitehorse Wildland Provincial Park

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  • Backcountry Bear Poles

    Effective:  November 1, 2023   Updated:  January 16, 2024

      Designated backcountry campsites have bear poles to safely store your food while camping. Some of the pulley systems are not functional. Please bring your own rope and a storage sack to hang your food. 

  • Closure - Cadomin Cave Closure - White-Nose Syndrome Risk

    Effective:  June 1, 2022   Updated:  January 16, 2024

      Cadomin Cave in Whitehorse Wildland Provincial Park is closed to the public to lessen the risk of white-nose syndrome spreading to bats in Alberta.

      White-nose syndrome is a fungal disease that has killed more than one million bats in caves and mines in the northeastern United States. The disease has recently spread, causing high bat mortalities in Ontario and Quebec. All cave-roosting bats across North America may be at risk. Alberta researchers are monitoring the situation closely.

      The fungus is not harmful to humans but is believed to be spread by humans when they explore caves.

      Access to Cadomin Cave will be by permit only for researchers conducting bat population monitoring activities. Cadomin Cave has up to 800 bats and is considered to be at the highest risk of exposure to the disease in Alberta.

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