Miquelon Lake Provincial Park

Alberta Parks

What in the Wild?!

What is happening in the wild? Explore the amazing animals that live in Alberta and their incredible adaptations to survive from winter to spring!

  • Each school program is organized around a different animal theme. Your choice of the following: Deer/Moose, Rabbits, Foxes or Owls.
  • This program can be delivered completely inside your classroom, or even partly outdoors. Please ask.

Program Activities

  • Discussions
  • Story
  • Games
  • Craft or guided walk (when choosing the part outdoor option)
Grade(s): Pre-school
Curriculum: Science
    • Wild Animal Adaptations
    • Seasons
    Field Study / Classroom Combo
Duration: 45 Minutes
Location: Miquelon Lake Provincial Park or your classroom
Max. Group Size: 30
Fees: $50
Availability: September - April
Booking Information

A $15 travel fee will be added to deliver a program in a location further than 30 km from Miquelon Lake Provincial Park

Updated: Sep 28, 2023