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  • Water Advisory - No Potable Water/Showers - Miquelon Lake PP

    Effective:  July 27, 2021

      • There is NO potable (consumable) water available at Miquelon Lake Provincial Park. Please bring your own drinking and cooking water with you. 
      • Non-potable water is available from campground water taps and sani-dumps. 
      • It is not expected that the issue will be resolved prior to mid-August.
      • Showers will not be available for the 2021 season at Miquelon Lake, as staff will be focusing on supporting visitor safety and efficient registration of campers.
      • Outhouses continue to be available at all of the sites that do not have their flush toilets in operation this summer. 
      • We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

  • Change in Comfort Camping Reservations

    Effective:  July 5, 2021

      For the 2021 season:

      • comfort camping reservations require a minimum 2-night stay.
      • Reservations will be taken for Friday arrivals only. A Friday reservation will secure 2-night stay for Friday and Saturday.
      • Reservation holders will be able to extend their stay for Sunday and Monday night for a maximum 4-night stay.

  • Closure - Washroom/Shower Building Closed

    Effective:  July 5, 2021

      • The smaller washroom/shower building in Loop A of the campground will be closed for the 2021 season due to construction.
      • A second washroom building will remain open in this loop with sinks and flush toilets but no showers. 

    Affected Areas
  • Group Areas 2021

    Effective:  July 5, 2021

      • Group Areas must be booked for Friday and Saturday nights with an option to extend 2 more nights at time of check-in.
      • All showers in the park are closed for summer 2021.

      In order to help park staff manage overwhelming visitation to our parks,  camping and reservation opportunities may be different from previous years.


  • Water Advisory - Miquelon Lake not suitable for swimming

    Effective:  June 21, 2021

      • Swimming is not recommended at any time of year at Miquelon Lake
      • Increasing lake temperatures and decreasing water levels have created high concentrations of salt, and plant and bacteria growth.
      • Fecal coliform bacteria is typically present in summer months at high levels and can cause illness.
      • Park visitors are encouraged to take advantage of the many other summer recreation options at Miquelon Lake, including birdwatching on the lake.

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