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Alberta Parks Guide to Backpacking in K-Country

Backpacking is an awe inspiring experience; you set off on an adventure for a night, or even several days, with everything you need to survive in your backpack.
February 26, 2019

Backpacking in Kananaskis Country will take you on incredible journeys through valleys and meadows, over mountain passes, or down simple forested trails leading to stunning lakeside views. It’s a revitalizing activity that connects you with the wonder of nature, builds camaraderie with your companions, and creates memories that will last forever. Imagine waking up to the sun rising over the mountains, sitting beside a still alpine lake while drinking fresh camp coffee or telling ghost stories under a star studded sky, further from civilization than you’ve ever been.  

When backpacking in the Rocky Mountains you’re at the mercy of the elements and often far from help, so you need to be prepared and self-sufficient. We’ve compiled a short guide of gear and skills you should have before embarking on your first backpacking adventure. Ensure you know your limits, and always start with an easy trip; you might be surprised to find that hiking with a heavy pack can make an easy trail more grueling than expected.

Before your Trip:

Necessary Knowledge and Skills:

Necessary Gear:

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Mary Fitl (Parks Staff)

Updated: Mar 2, 2023