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Watridge Lake (Winter)

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This 3.7 km trail follows an old exploration road to a junction where visitors wishing to see the lake, must turn and continue 200 m to the lake shore. There are limited views, and not many places to sit and picnic, but this trail provides access to the interesting Karst Spring trail

Visitors are asked to purchase a day or season parking pass from Nordiq Alberta to use the trails. Revenue from the sales will cover the costs of trail grooming and maintenance. It’s $10 for a day pass or $50 for the season. More information...

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Use caution approaching Watridge Lake, as there is some exposed ground right at the lake shore, currently under the recent snowfall.

Groomed: Apr 09  Track Set: Apr 09

    Length:3.7 km one-way
    Elevation Profile30 m / 100 ft m
    Group Size Limit:15 / 35  (Permit information)
    SummerHikingMtn Biking/Cycling
    WinterHikingCross Country SkiingSkijoringSnowshoeing
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    Trail Report:Mount Shark
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    Updated: Apr 9, 2021