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A Kananaskis Conservation Pass is required to park your vehicle in Kananaskis and the Bow Valley.
Ice Safety: Alberta Parks does not monitor ice conditions; learn how to assess them for yourself.

This route follows an old logging road along a small tributary of Etherington Creek. It is accessible via Baril Creek Trail or Etherington Trail in Cataract Creek Snow Vehicle Public Land Use Zone. Note: Loggers Trail is not maintained for summer use.

This trail is not maintained for summer use.

Length:3.5 km one-way
Elevation Profile60 m/197 ft m
Trail Map Cataract Creek Snowmobile Trails Map
Highwood & Cataract Summer Trails Map
Central Map (Georeferenced)
Full Map (Georeferenced)
South Map (Georeferenced)
Sandy McNabb Trails Map with Cross Country Ski Trails
Trail Report:Cataract Creek Snowmobile
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Updated: May 8, 2020