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Lafarge Meadows Day Use

Information: 1 877-537-2757
Season: Year-round
Construction Advisory - Stoney Trail/Highway 22X Bridge ConstructionConstruction Advisory - Stoney Trail/Highway 22X Bridge Construction


    • Lafarge Meadows is a approximately 60 ha area located on the south side of Stoney Trail S.E., running parallel to the west bank of the Bow River. The area has a pathway joining the rest of the park from the boat launch staging area.
    • Formally, a gravel pit, Lafarge Meadows has been transformed into a wetland landscape. The transition from roughly 25 years of mining to the present park landscape is the result of collaboration and partnerships between the Alberta Government, the City of Calgary, Lafarge Canada Inc., industry and the private sector. 
    • Storm water runoff from the surrounding neighborhoods fill the engineered wetlands of Lafarge Meadows. This runoff is contaminated with pollutants and sediment. These pollutants and heavier sediments settle to the bottom of the wetlands resulting in a cleaner outflow of water. This process helps maintain healthier and cleaner water flows to the Bow River.
    • These wetlands are part of a large network of engineered wetlands in the park that provide habitat for diverse insects, birds, amphibians and mammals. Lafarge Meadows is a fantastic spot for walking and seeing local wildlife.
    • There are NO picnic tables at this site. Fires are NOT ALLOWED here.
    • Please Be Aware That:
      • The water is unsafe for swimming.
      • Water levels can fluctuate depending on the season and during inclement weather.
      • During cold periods the ice is unsafe for walking or skating.
Updated: Jan 22, 2021