Fish Creek Provincial Park


Respecting Nature

Do not feed wildlife, including birds.

Do not encourage birds to land on your hand.  Do not attempt to handle or pet any wildlife.   When wildlife lose their fear of humans and approach people, wildlife often suffer.

Do not harass wildlife as it is very stressful for them. Quietly observe them.

You may encounter young wildlife that seem to be abandoned and defenseless. Leave young wildlife alone and do not approach.

Do not cut, deface, pick or remove any plant, fossil, rock or other park material. 


Fish Creek Provincial Park is home to a variety of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians.  Different habitats attract and are home to different combinations of these animals.  Visiting various areas of the park will allow people the opportunity to observe different wildlife species.  


Natural Regions

Fish Creek Provincial Park contains two natural regions.


Updated: Oct 18, 2018