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William A. Switzer Provincial Park provides excellent opportunities to view abundant wildlife and beautiful scenery. The park is located in the transition zone between boreal forest and mountain habitats.  It contains vast wetland complexes.  This makes the park a good home for a diverse array of plants and animals.  See our plant checklist.

More than 150 bird species have been spotted in the park, including at least 13 raptor species.  These include nesting bald eagles, osprey, barred owls and great grey owls. Canoeing through the park provides access to water birds. The park's lakes and streams attract osprey and kingfishers. See our bird checklist.

At least 30 mammals frequent the park including wolves, coyotes, bears, beavers, pine martin, river otters, elk, moose, mule deer and white-tailed deer.  See our mammal checklist.

Viewing Opportunities

Borrow a wildlife viewing pack from the visitor centre in summer. The packs contain field guides and binoculars.

Check out our new Who Lives Here? program, including the wildlife camera images.

Wildlife Watching Tips

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Updated: Jul 5, 2017