Spray Valley Provincial Park

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Trail Length Season Permitted Activities (Legend) Status
Goat Creek 19.3 km one-way Year-round Hiking Hiking Open
Galatea Creek

Seasonal closure in effect to prevent trail damage and protect sensitive habitat 

6.3 km to Lillian Lake, 1.5 km more to Upper Galatea Lake Year-round Hiking Closed
Wedge Connector

Bridge out over Evan-Thomas Creek

2.4 km one-way Year-round Fat Biking Hiking Cross Country Skiing Warning
Biathlon Range Area

Everything in the biathlon area including the access trail was groomed on the morning of April 9th with the exception of inside the range.

km Winter Cross Country Skiing Open
Watridge Lake (Summer) 3.7 km one-way Summer Hiking Horseback Riding - Equestrian Open
High Rockies (Winter) 63.0 km Goat Creek to Peninsula Day Use Winter Hiking Fat Biking Hiking Snowshoeing Open
High Rockies (Summer)

Trail is mainly snow covered, deep in places, with bare spots and areas expanding in sun exposed places, and at lower elevations. There are trees down in multiple spots.

63.0 km Goat Creek to Peninsula Day Use; 80.0 km Goat Creek to Elk Pass Summer Dog Sledding Hiking Warning / Snow Covered
Banff 10.8 km Year-round Hiking not reported
Mount Shark 15 km one-way Year-round Hiking Skijoring Snowshoeing not reported
Terrace South 9.5 km one-way Year-round Hiking not reported