Brown-Lowery Provincial Park

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Brown-Lowery Trail Report

Updated: May 05, 2024

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    • Trails in this park are graciously maintained by the 300 Group Trail Maintenance Association.
      For more information and to contribute, please visit their website.
    • Practice wildlife safety. Travel in groups, make noise on the trail, and keep pets on leash. Carrying bear spray and knowing how to use it is highly recommended, even in winter.
    • It's tick season! Make sure to check you and your pets when you get home. For best protection, use a bug repellent with DEET.


Trail Name Permitted Activities (Legend) Length Status Keywords
Hiking   0.97 km Open
Crocus Loop
Hiking   0.54 km Open
Hiking   1.9 km Open
Old Mill East
Hiking   1.5 km Open
Old Mill North
Hiking   1.1 km Open
Old Mill West
Hiking   0.6 km Open
Pine Hill
Hiking   0.7 km Open
Hiking   0.8 km Open
Red Willow
Hiking   1.4 km Open
Hiking   0.4 km Open
Wildrose East
Hiking   0.6 km Open
Wildrose West
Hiking   0.7 km Open