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Accommodation in Switzer Park

Hinton Area Attractions & Accommodation

Hinton is the closest town to William A. Switzer Provincial Park, located 21 kilometres south and east.  There is lots to see and do in the Hinton area.  Examples

Other Nearby Attractions & Accommodation

Grande Cache

  • Located 120 kilometres northwest of Switzer Park
  • Sulphur Gates Viewpoint located 3 kilometres north of Grande Cache and 7 kilometres southwest of Highway 40
  • Trails into Willmore Wilderness Park accessed from the Sulphur Gates Provincial Recreation Area
  • Excellent recreational opportunities - hiking, horseback riding, white water rafting 
  • For info on local accommodation and activities 



Nearby Provincial Parks & Protected Areas

Forestry Trunk Road

The Forestry Trunk Road travels through the Rocky Mountains forest and foothills. The gravel sections are designated as Highway 734 while the paved sections are Highway 40.

Updated: Jul 5, 2017