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Information: 403-340-7691
  • Antelope Hill Provincial Park was established in December 2014 on land generously donated by Mr. Gottlob Schmidt. Located in east-central Alberta, Antelope Hill Provincial Park covers 940 acres and is a valuable ecological addition to the provincial parks system. The land is predominantly undisturbed native grassland located in the Northern Fescue Natural Subregion (a subregion comprised mainly of open grasslands with scattered deciduous tree cover).
  • See the Fact Sheet for more info on Gottlob Schmidt and the land he donated.
  • The park is home to diverse wildlife, including the thirteen-lined ground squirrel, deer, elk, and rare birds like the Sprague’s pipit and Baird’s sparrow. Alberta Parks continues to inventory the site to document the ecosystems present and the species that use them.

Park Management

Classification Provincial Park
Legislation Provincial Parks Act
Park Size 930.91 Acres / 376.73 Ha
Legal Boundary O.C. 455/2014
Administration / Information 403-340-7691
Regional Office Central Regional Office
District Wainwright
Natural Region Grassland - Northern Fescue
Natural Region Description

Antelope Hill Provincial Park, located in the Northern Fescue Natural Subregion, is comprised of hummocky terrain dominated by scenic grasslands. Localized depressions and wetlands are often ringed with willow shrublands and sporadic, small aspen stands. Over 20 species of uncommon or rare vascular plants are present.  The park supports several fescue grassland communities that are at risk in the province.  Signs of historical cultivation are evident in a few areas of the park.

The park and surrounding landscape provide habitat for a diversity of birds including the White-faced Ibis, the American White Pelican, and the elusive Sprague’s Pipit.  This hard-to-spot sparrow-sized, ground-feeding bird is listed as “Threatened” in Canada under the federal Species at Risk Act.   Nearby Dowling Lake is a nationally identified Important Bird Area.

Many large and small mammals frequent the park and some make their home in Antelope Hill Provincial Park. Deer and moose are often observed.  It's not uncommon to see thirteen-lined ground squirrels, red foxes and porcupines.

Land Use Framework Region Red Deer

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