Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park

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Educational Rock Art Tour - Division 3

    Where land, history, stories and dreams become one...  This program provides tangible context for the issues and problems that arise with cultural contact and collision. Strong emphasis is placed on First Nations culture, stories and perspectives of the changing Canadian landscape. There is discussion of how the westward migration of Europeans impacted the lives of the First Nations people of this region.  

    Your group will hike with a park interpreter beneath the sandstone cliffs in the Archaeological Preserve to view a representative sampling in the rock art.  We are happy to customize content to meet the needs of your students.

    Specific Social Studies curriculum connections:

    • Grade 7 – Canada’s emergence, Westward expansion, First Nation perspective on cultural contact/conflict
    • Grade 8 – Expansionist worldview, First Nations/Metis/Inuit perspective 
    • Grade 9 - Issues for Canadians: Governance and Rights

    Science curriculum connections:

    • Grade 7 - Topic E: Planet Earth
    • Grade 8 - Topic E: Freshwater Systems
    • Grade 9 - Biological Diversity
Grade(s): 7 - 9
Curriculum: Science
Social Studies
      • 7.2-Following Confederation
      • 8.3-Worldviews in Conflict
      • 9.1-Governance & Rights
    • SCIENCE:
      • 7E-Planet Earth
      • 8E-Freshwater Systems
      • 9-Biological Diversity
    Field Study
Duration: 1 Hour
Max. Group Size: 30
Fees: $100 minimum for up to 15 students plus $7 per additional student
Availability: Weekday mornings May long weekend through late June and Sept-Oct
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Updated: Apr 21, 2022