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Red Rock Coulee Natural Area

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    • Wildlife Viewing: Species include white-tailed jack rabbits, mule deer, pronghorn, western rattlesnakes, bull snakes, short-horned lizards and scorpions. (Scorpions are rare in Alberta.)

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    Park Management

    ClassificationNatural Area
    LegislationWilderness Areas, Ecological Reserves, Natural Areas and Heritage Rangelands Act
    Park Size800.96 Acres  /  324.15 Ha
    Legal BoundaryRed Rock Coulee NA Natural Area
    Administration / Information403-893-3777 
    Regional OfficeSouth Regional Office
    District Office Cypress
    Natural RegionGrassland - Mixedgrass
    Grassland - Dry Mixedgrass 
    Natural Region Description

    This area contains large red spherical sandstone concretions that have eroded out of the softer bedrock, the best example of spheroid rock formations in Alberta. Concretions measure up to 2.5 metres across and are believed to be among largest in the world. There are eroded steep-sided coulees and a small upland of fescue-needle gras. In places, hoodoos (columns of bedrock) have formed. Plants include gumbo primrose, sagebrush, juniper, prickly pear cactus, prairie crocus and broomweed.

    Land Use Framework RegionSouth Saskatchewan 

    Public Safety

    Updated: Jun 19, 2017