Redwater Provincial Recreation Area

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Information: 780-922-3293

Park Management

Classification Provincial Recreation Area
Legislation Provincial Parks Act
Park Size 5,498.35 Acres / 2,225.10 Ha
Legal Boundary O.C. 272/2012
Administration / Information 780-922-3293
Regional Office Central Regional Office
District Spruce Grove
Natural Region Boreal Forest - Dry Mixedwood
Natural Region Description

This area includes transverse, parabolic and barchan sand dunes. There are jack pine-lichen woodlands on dune crests and diverse wetlands on dune depressions with black spruce-tamarack/sphagnum moss muskeg, sedge and dwarf shrub fens, as well as occasional open sloughs ringed by cattails. Aspen-paper birch stands rim wetlands. The area is used extensively for off-highway vehicle riding and snowmobiling. Parts of the area have been heavily disturbed by petroleum and natural gas exploration.

Land Use Framework Region North Saskatchewan
Updated: Jul 5, 2017