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Biodiversity conservation requires rapid and efficient access to information on elements of biodiversity. This is especially true given the increasing pace of land use and resource development. Careful stewardship of natural areas requires detailed knowledge of significant biological features.

Alberta's natural heritage database was established in 1996. It was originally called the Alberta Natural Heritage Information Centre (ANHIC). It was created as a partnership with Alberta Tourism, Parks & Recreation, Parks Canada and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to address the need for credible data for protected areas planning and management. Now called the Alberta Conservation Information Management System, ACIMS is an integral part of Parks Division and is a member program of NatureServe and NatureServe Canada. 

Alberta Conservation Information Management System (ACIMS):

What ACIMS Does

ACIMS collects, analyzes and disseminates information on elements of natural biological and physical diversity.

Biological elements are ranked and those that current information suggests are rare or of conservation concern for other reasons are put onto tracking and watch lists.Additional information, such as location and condition, is collected for tracked and watched elements and locations for tracked elements are mapped in a Geographic Information System (GIS).

NatureServe Methodology

All conservation data centres in the NatureServe network use a common vocabulary of terms and concepts:

NatureServe methodology also provides many standards for collection, interpretation and dissemination of information about biodiversity. These include:

These standards make it possible for data centres throughout the world to exchange data in an efficient manner.

ACIMS Objectives

Conservation Planning 

Development Planning 

Natural Resource and Protected Area Management 

Research and Education 


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