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Building the Parks System

Parks in Alberta are a reflection of the rich diversity of societal values and landscapes in this province. Alberta has a rich cultural heritage as well as some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Canada. We have vast boreal forest in the north, unique grasslands in the south, and foothills, parkland and the world-renowned Rocky Mountains in between.

This landscape has helped to define us as a province - proud, hard-working and fiercely independent. We, in turn, have helped shape the land. In some cases, such as in Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park, our history is literally etched into the landscape.

Albertans' cultural identity, physical health and well-being, and prosperous economy are intimately tied to our environment. As we have benefited from our environment, so too are we entrusted with its stewardship.  

Albertans can be proud of the considerable progress we've made in expanding our park system to include many of the province's special places.

In building the parks system, we are guided by 


Updated: Sep 6, 2017