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Element Occurrence Data 

Element occurrence data changes regularly.  Check back often.  Always download the most recent data.

On-site surveys may be required for environmental assessments.  Results of an ACIMS data search are not intended to be a final statement of presence, absence or conditions of elements in a given area. The absence of element occurrences is not necessarily evidence that occurrences do not exist in an area. 


Data Update: October 2017 - Element Occurrence (EO) data updated

  • ACIMS has updated the Element Occurrence information to October 2017 in the Search Map and downloadable files.
  • The previous files are now outdated and should no longer be used for searches.
  • The new files must be downloaded (see below). Downloading newest EO file(s) is a requirement of using ACIMS Data Request for searches.


Please remember to reference ACIMS data used in figures, reports, etc.

Alberta Conservation Information Management System. 2017. Online data accessed (add date data accessed). Alberta Environment and Parks, Edmonton, Alberta.


Element Occurrences - Updated : October 2017

Element Occurrences (Part 1: Non-sensitive)

shapefile  KML File
Element Occurrences (Part 2: Sensitive, by township) shapefile  KML File
Element (Species and Ecological Communities) Data Updated
2014 Ecological Community Tracking List Report
Jun 2014
Elements for which Presence in Alberta is unknown or undetermined
Please note: some of the elements contained in this listing are tracked, in order that we may gather information to confirm presence. (includes: Fungus, Invertebrates, Nonvascular Plants, Vascular Plants and Vertebrates).
Jan 2018
List of Elements in Alberta – Ecological Communities (tracked communities)
Jul 2017
List of Elements in Alberta - Fungi
Jul 2017
List of Elements in Alberta - Invertebrates - Butterflies and Moths
Jul 2017
List of Elements in Alberta - Invertebrates - Crustaceans
Jul 2017
List of Elements in Alberta - Invertebrates - Flies
Jul 2017
List of Elements in Alberta - Invertebrates - Insects (Beetles)
Jul 2017
List of Elements in Alberta - Invertebrates - Insects (Selected Groups)
Jul 2017
List of Elements in Alberta - Invertebrates - Snails, Slugs, Freshwater Mussels & Sponges
Jul 2017
List of Elements in Alberta - Invertebrates - Spiders
Jul 2017
List of Elements in Alberta - Lichens
Jul 2017
List of Elements in Alberta - Non-vascular Plants
Jul 2017
List of Elements in Alberta - Vascular Plants
Mar 2018
List of Elements in Alberta - Vertebrates
Jul 2017
Tracked Elements in Alberta by Natural Subregion
* Does not include all tracked elements; only those with mapped occurrences
Jul 2017
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Updated: Dec 5, 2017