Dinosaur Provincial Park

Alberta Parks

2008 Field Report

    Dr. Don BrinkmanHead Curator, Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology

    In June a field school held at the park brought together several university faculty and graduate students, along with curators from various museums, to review and discuss the significant micro-vertebrate fossil resources found here.

    A small crew from the Royal Tyrrell Museum spent three weeks in Dinosaur Provincial Park in 2008.  Part of the time was spent repairing and consolidating the Centrosaurus in-situ exhibit at Bone Bed 143.  The rest was spent surveying various areas of the park.

    Two sites were inspected that will be worked in 2009.  One of these contains a large theropod skeleton located by RTM technician Darren Tanke.  The bone elements don't appear to be articulated but are closely associated.

    The other site is a bone bed with abundant ceratopsian (horned dinosaur) material.  This locality is high in section in the valley, and so fills in a significant information gap in our knowledge of the park's rock formations.

    Dr. David Eberth, Curator of Sedimentary Geology at the RTM intends to make the excavation of this bone bed an important part of his ongoing study of ceratopsian bone beds in Dinosaur Park.

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