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  • Parks Day - Beauvais Lake

    July  21, 2018

    Join us from 11:00 am till 2:00 pm to celebrate Parks Day at our family friendly afternoon at the Boat Launch Area!

    • Free hot dog lunch
    • Bring the family to take part in learn-to-fish program
    • Watershed and wildlife information.

    Evening at the Campground Amphitheatre

    • Join a fun family program from 7:00 to 7:30 pm
    • Followed by our theatrical Saturday evening show, to see how wildlife navigate the dangers in nature.
    Where:  Boat Launch Area and Campground Amphitheatre  Beauvais Lake PP
    When: 11:00 AM
    Fee:  Free
  • Finding Fawn - Traveling Interp Show

    July  21, 2018

    In celebration of 50 years of Interpretation in Alberta Parks our Kananaskis shows are hitting the road!

    In "Finding Fawn" a little fawn and his mother get separated from each other in the forest! Join Fawn as he navigates dangers and other wildlife, as he and his mother try to find each other. Will they ever meet again? Or will the help he receives from some other interesting characters lead him back to his mother?

    Where:  Beauvais Lake PP
    When: 7:30 PM
    Fee:  Free