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Cold Water Safety

Visitors be aware, in the mountains the water is cold all year. If you fall into the cold water it will affect you immediately.
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  • Bear Warning - Bears in Area

    Effective:  September 8, 2022

      Be advised that there have been multiple sightings of a Black Bear through out the Campground, Day use and Tenting areas. 

      The bear is feeding on natural food sources and not leaving the area. 

      Park Users are reminded:

      • To secure food/garbage at all times, keep an attractant free site.
      • Keep pets on leash and secure Pet Food.
      • Clean BBQ's and anything used in food preparation thoroughly. 
      • Make noise when hiking on trails and hike in groups. 
      • Report sightings and incidents to Conservation Officers through 310-LAND(5263).

    Although an advisory is in place for this area, bears can be encountered anywhere in the South Region at any time. To avoid a surprise encounter with a bear:

    • Make plenty of noise and travel in groups.
    • Be aware of your surroundings. Look and listen for bears and their signs.
    • Keep your pet on a leash.
    • Carry bear spray. Make sure it’s easily accessible, and know how to use bear spray.
    • Learn more about bear safety review the Bear Smart Brochure.

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