Kazan Wildland Provincial Park

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Lower Athabasca Regional ​​​Plan (LARP) newly established area will enable Alberta to contribute to the largest contiguous boreal protected area in the world. Includes the areas of La Butte Creek and Colin-Cornwall Lakes Wildland Provincial Parks.


Hunting in Kazan Wildland Provincial Park

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Park Management

Classification Wildland Provincial Park
Legislation Provincial Parks Act
Park Size 1,629,405.00 Acres / 659,397.00 Ha
Legal Boundary O.C. 139/2018
Administration / Information 780-743-7437
Regional Office North Regional Office
District Fort McMurray
Natural Region Canadian Shield - Kazan Uplands
Natural Region Description

This park contains large lakes, sand deposits, wetlands and bedrock outcrops. There are sand plains and dunes along the shore and back shore of Cornwall Lake and scenic rocky islands in Colin Lake. Forests are jack pine and aspen. There are unique kettle wetlands north of Colin Lake. Preliminary field studies have documented rare plants on the unique south facing grasslands. Extensive sand and gravel outwash plains and wetland complexes provide habitat for provincially rare plants including lens-fruited sedge, knotted pearlwort and sunpine sedge. Provincially rare birds (mew gull and semipalmated plover) nest on Colin Lake. Bald eagle and osprey are also common.

Land Use Framework Region Lower Athabasca
Updated: Jan 9, 2024