Hubert Lake Wildland Provincial Park

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Information: 780-675-8213

Hunting in Hubert Lake Wildland Provincial Park

OHV use on existing trails only - off-trail use prohibited

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Park Management

Classification Wildland Provincial Park
Legislation Provincial Parks Act
Park Size 23,883.61 Acres / 9,665.46 Ha
Legal Boundary O.C. 380/00
Administration / Information 780-675-8213
Regional Office North Regional Office
District Athabasca
Management Plans Hubert Lake WPP - Trail Plan
Natural Region Boreal Forest - Central Mixedwood
Boreal Forest - Dry Mixedwood
Natural Region Description

Hubert Lake Wildland Park consists of a sand dune complex and numerous small lakes and wetlands. Jack pine is the dominant tree species on the dunes. Itervening depressions support black spruce and larch, with open fens in wetter areas. The park is an important nesting area for great blue herons and sandhill cranes. A small caribou herd wanders in and out of the park.

Land Use Framework Region Upper Athabasca

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Updated: Jun 8, 2023