Cold Lake Provincial Park

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Information: 780-594-7856 | (Monday-Friday 8:15am-4:30pm)

Park Management

Classification Provincial Park
Legislation Provincial Parks Act
Park Size 14,453.04 Acres / 5,849.15 Ha
Legal Boundary O.C. 217/04
Administration / Information 780-594-7856 | (Monday-Friday 8:15am-4:30pm)
Regional Office North Regional Office
District Cold Lake
Natural Region Boreal Forest - Central Mixedwood
Boreal Forest - Dry Mixedwood
Natural Region Description

Cold Lake is one of Alberta's largest lakes. There are diverse marsh, swamp and shrub communities along the lake's south shore that provide habitat for a number bird species including colonial nesting birds. The largest western grebe colony in Alberta nests in the area. Spruce and pine forests in the Martineau River valley provide habitat for ungulates and fur-bearers. Cold Lake's north shore has some of the finest sand beaches in the province and the lake also provides excellent sport fishing opportunities.

Land Use Framework Region Lower Athabasca
Updated: Apr 21, 2022