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A Kananaskis Conservation Pass is required to park your vehicle in Kananaskis and the Bow Valley.
  • Construction Closure - Lady Macdonald and Cougar Creek Canyon Blasting Closure

    Effective:  September 11, 2023   Updated:  March 12, 2024

          • Effective Date: September 11, 2023, until further notice
          • Where: 
            • Cougar Creek canyon from the junction of Montane Traverse Trail and Lady Macdonald Trail upstream for approximately 1 km.
            • Access to the Lady Macdonald Trail will be closed as of 6 am on Monday, September 11 to facilitate safe blasting work. The trail will remain closed until work is completed.
            • Montane Traverse Trail and Horseshoe Trail are not affected by this closure.
          • Why: There will be construction and BLASTING activities to support the Town of Canmore Cougar Creek Sediment Retention Structure Project. To ensure visitor safety around the construction site, Alberta Parks is closing the access to Cougar Creek canyon for all recreational uses.

      Please follow directions on construction signage and fencing. 

      Visitors looking for alternatives to Cougar Creek canyon may consider Heart Creek, Grotto Canyon or hire a guide that can safely show you other options.

  • Construction Advisory - Heart Creek Flood Project

    Effective:  June 10, 2020   Updated:  March 12, 2024

      • Effective Date: June 10, 2020, until further notice
      • Where: Heart Creek drainage, including informal parking for Heart Creek hikes in the Highway 1 ditch.
      • Why: Be advised that the Municipal District of Bighorn has begun construction of a flood mitigation project on Heart Creek upstream of Highway 1.

      The informal parking in the Highway 1 ditch for access to Heart Creek is not available at this time. Recreational users accessing Heart Creek, Heart Mountain and the Quaite Valley connector trail must park in the Heart Creek Day Use Area.


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