Wainwright Dunes Ecological Reserve

Alberta Parks

Information & Facilities

Information: 780-842-7546
Ice Safety: Alberta Parks does not monitor ice conditions; learn how to assess them for yourself at the Canadian Red Cross.

Park Management

Classification Ecological Reserve
Legislation Wilderness Areas, Ecological Reserves, Natural Areas and Heritage Rangelands Act
Park Size 6,970.66 Acres / 2,821.03 Ha
Legal Boundary O.C. 39/88
Administration / Information 780-842-7546
Regional Office Central Regional Office
District Wainwright
Natural Region Parkland - Central Parkland
Natural Region Description

Wainwright Dunes Ecological Reserve is part of a large and diverse area of sand dune, outwash and kame moraine; some dunes reach heights of 30 metres. Plant communities include a mixture of stunted aspen groves, low shrubs and grasslands. Plant species include sand heather and Houghton's hedge. Rare plant species include annual skeletonweed, sand nut-grass, moss gentian and linear-leaved sundew.

Land Use Framework Region North Saskatchewan
Updated: Jul 25, 2022