Miquelon Lake Provincial Park

Miquelon Lake Trail Report

Updated: January 29, 2019

Updated: January 29, 2019 | Print Report

Ski trails will not be groomed until further notice.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Cross-country skiing:




    • Please take litter out.
    • Please report any fallen trees to park staff.
    • Please be prepared with essentials like water, snacks and good clothing.
    • Be cautious of wildlife and give animals their space.  Do not chase or yell at wildlife.
    • Please keep dogs on Leash at all times.
    • Properly prepare for outdoor activities.


Skating Rink & Skating Track
    See below for more details on the Farley Freezeway Ice Skating Track and the Ice Rink


Trail Name Permitted Activities Status
Beaver Hills Loop
Track Set: Dec 23
Not Ski Ready
Chickadee Loop
Track Set: Dec 23
Not Ski Ready
Deer Loop
Track Set: Dec 23
Not Ski Ready
Ermine Loop
Track Set: Dec 23
Not Ski Ready
Farley Freezeway - Ice Skate Track
    The skate track this winter dips into the trees between the Day Use Shelter and the Ice Rink.  The track allows you to skate into the campground with an opportunity to have a campfire midway.  
    • Be cautious on areas with grade.
    • Please bring your own skates, rentals not available.
    • Track is not lit into the evening.
    • Be aware that warm weather can make the surface slushy and of lower quality
Groomed: Jan 28
Fox Loop
Track Set: Dec 23
Not Ski Ready
Grebe Pond
    Predicted snowfall in the coming week could provide great conditions. Where others have broken trail you can walk without snowshoes but there is plenty of untouched snow areas to snowshoe on. 
Very Good
Grouse Loop
Not Ski Ready
    Semi packed, with untouched snow in places for snowshoers wishing to make their own trail.  January 29, 2019
    Predicted snow fall this coming week will likely create good snowshoeing conditions. There is plenty of untouched snow areas to snowshoe on. 
Shoreline Path
    • Skiers - Ski tracks will not be set until further notice.

    • Hikers, the shoreline trail has been plowed from the day use area into Campground Loop A. In places Shoreline Trail crosses path with the groomed ski path. A light layer of packed snow makes up the base you can walk on.
Groomed: Dec 23 Track Set: Dec 23
Skating Rink
    • Rink is large and is lit into the evening. 
    • Flooded and maintained regularly. 
    • Warm up shelter with wood stove is available to public
    • Washrooms available
Groomed: Jan 28