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Considerations for Hunters

Respect Other Users

No Baiting

Wildlife baiting is NOT PERMITTED in any provincial park, provincial recreation area or wildland provincial park. This prohibition on baiting applies to all wildlife including bears, wolves and coyotes.

There are two exceptions

  1. A limited number of Registered Fur Management Area (RFMA) holders (registered trappers).
  2. A limited number of hunting guides who were historically authorized to conduct commercial guiding activities that used baits in an area prior to the area being established as a wildland provincial park.

Both exceptions are managed through permits and approvals issued by Parks Division.

Found Dead Wildlife in Parks

It may be unlawful to remove found dead wildlife from a provincial park, wildland provincial park or provincial recreation area. Contact the local Parks Division Office for more info.

In a natural area, you may be able to possess found dead wildlife or parts of wildlife if you have a permit. For more information please contact the local Fish & Wildlife Office.

Hanging and Storing Big Game

Unless authorized by a conservation officer it is unlawful to dress, hang or store big game in a provincial park or provincial recreation area. Where these activities are permitted, please follow safe storage practices to prevent human-wildlife conflicts.

Bison Hunting in Wildland Provincial Parks in Northern Alberta

East of Highway 35

Bison may be hunted in Hay-Zama Lakes Wildland Park if hunters hold a Bison Special Licence.

Updated: Aug 14, 2018