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  • Cooking Lake-Blackfoot, which is 97 square km, contains peaceful forests, pastures and wetlands.  It's a multi-use area that supports a variety of activities including agriculture and wildlife management.
  • Active wildlife management programs in the area have created a wide range of habitats that support numerous wildlife species such as coyote, deer, elk, foxes, moose and lynx.
  • The area provides excellent wildlife viewing opportunities along its more than 170 km of cross-country ski trails.
  • Cooking Lake-Blackfoot is the home of the Canadian Birkebeiner Ski Festival, Canada’s largest classic style cross-country ski festival. This fun-filled weekend has activities and smaller ski events for the whole family. The main event of the “Birkie” is the 55 km loppet, celebrating an 800-year-old legend about the original Birkebeiners who saved the heir to the Norwegian throne in an epic 55-km journey. This festival is held each year in February.


  • Cooking-Lake Blackfoot is a huge area - it could be the only place you need for all your winter fun this season!
  • Snowshoe, ice skate and even snowmobile here.
  • Are your animals looking for winter fun? Saddle up and head out on the equestrian trails accessible from Waskehegan or Central Staging Areas. Another option - dogsled from Blackfoot Lake Staging Area. 
  • What about skijoring? Or, what is skijoring? Using a skijor trained dog, a cross-country skier is pulled across the snow in this dogsledding-skiing mash up.  Skijoring can be done from Blackfoot Lake Staging Area.


  • Cooking-Lake Blackfoot is an easy drive from Edmonton or Sherwood Park with lots of accommodation options.
  • Looking for a hardier winter experience? You can winter camp at Miquelon Lake Provincial Park, about an hour’s drive south from Cooking-Lake Blackfoot.


  • Check the trail report for conditions for skiing, snomobiling, equestrian, dog sledding and skating.
  • There are picnic shelters, warm up shelters and fire pits for warm-up breaks or picnic lunches.
  • Cooking-Lake Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area is multi-use so be courteous to other users.
  • Safety first! Be sure to bring water, food, first aid kit, and extra warm clothes for your outing. A cellphone is also recommended.

Did You Know...

Cross-country skiing Olympians have the highest levels of aerobic fitness of all Olympians!