Oldman Dam Provincial Recreation Area

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Todd Creek Day Use

Enforcement: 310-Land (5263)
Season: Apr 1 - Oct 31

Liquor Consumption

  • - Is permitted in designated day-use picnic sites only between the hours of 11 a.m. and 9 p.m.
  • - In any public place other than a registered campsite or a designated day-use area picnic site remains illegal.
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Day Use  Day Use
Fishing  Fishing
Canoeing/Kayaking  Canoeing/Kayaking (AIS Warning)

  • Permitted activities may vary within a park. Please confirm details with park staff.


    • Fires are prohibited.
    • Reservoir levels can change throughout the year.  To ensure all boat launches and docks are useable, please check the reservoir level through the Alberta River Basins report.
    • WATER:
      • You are expected to bring your own water.
      • Government of Alberta regulations require that water from pumps/taps like the one located here NOT be used for drinking, cooking or washing (including brushing teeth and washing dishes).
      • Water from the pump/tap onsite can only be used for purposes like putting out a campfire.
Updated: Mar 17, 2022