Little Bow Provincial Park

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Little Bow Campground

Information: 403-897-3933
Facility Operator: MIM Management Group
Ice Safety: Alberta Parks does not monitor ice conditions; learn how to assess them for yourself.

This large prairie campground is in Little Bow Provincial Park, 20 km south of Vulcan on Hwy. 23, 16 km east on Hwy. 529 and 1 km south on an access road. There are both unserviced and powered sites, suitable for RVs and tents. Trees throughout the campground provide some refreshing shade. The breezy reservoir is perfect for sailing and wind surfing. It's also a good spot to enjoy canoeing, water skiing, fishing, swimming, and the beach.


Apr 28 - Oct 9 (100% reservable)
Site Type Campsites Rate / Night
Unserviced 138 $31
Power ( 15 /30 amp) 86 $39
  • Irrigation will occur in July and August, Monday through Thursday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • Camping equipment must be removed from grass.

When camping in a powered site:

  • Use 1-2 electrical appliances maximum at the same time. When campers lose power, its usually it is because too much electricity is being used at once.
  • Do not use adapters to draw power from a 15 amp for an RV with a 30 amp plug.
  • Have a backup plan. Use other methods to cook, stay cool and keep entertained.

Remember, conserving electricity and timing when you use your electricity in a campsite will ensure you can stay powered. Get more information about using power sites. 


Camping Notes


Firewood is available for sale.

  • Water filling station and sewage disposal station is located at the entrance of the park, on top of the hill.
  • The sewage disposal fee is $6.00.  Place payment in payment vault located at sewage disposal station.  Not available September-May.
  • During peak season there may be brief water interruptions. Please fill you tank prior if you require immediate water upon arrival.
  • Coin-operated showers are available (2.5 minutes per $1 coin).
  • Water systems will be shut off for the winter season from middle of September until middle of May.  This includes water to shower building; stand pipes and sewage disposal station.

Online Reservations

Updated: Nov 16, 2022