Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area

Alberta Parks

Backcountry Campground

Information: 780-623-7189
Lat: 54.822778 Long: -111.343932

Due to the remote nature of these campgrounds, cleaning and sanitizing of shared surfaces is infrequent and users should be ready to sanitize high-touch surfaces upon their arrival. Be prepared with your own hand sanitizer and toilet paper. Note that cleaning supplies may be wildlife attractants, and should be stored in your food locker and away from your tent.


Site Type Campsites Rate / Person / Night Water Source
Designated Backcountry 9 $Free Lake


Camping Notes

  • Five designated back-country camping areas are located throughout the park.  Please see the map.
  • As well as a backcountry composting toilet and fire pit, most of the camping areas are equipped with picnic tables and bear poles or bear lockers.
  • Backcountry campsites are first come-first served.  There is no fee for use.
  • Please pack out all your garbage.
  • Please complete and submit a Voluntary Backcountry Travel Notification form.
  • Additional backcountry campsites are located in the adjacent Lakeland Provincial Park.
  • Random backcountry camping is not allowed in Lakeland.
Updated: Apr 21, 2022