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Park Closed

  • Due to wildfires in the region, parks in the Fort McMurray District are closed until May 23. All reservations will be cancelled and refunded.
  • Wildfire Closure - Fort McMurray District

    Effective:  May 18, 2024   Updated:  May 18, 2024

      Updated: May 18, 2024

      All campsites in Fort McMurray District Alberta Parks are closed for camping until May 23, 2024.

      • Gregoire Lake Provincial Park; including Anzac Day Use and Southshore Boat Launch
      • Hangingstone Provincial Recreation Area
      • Maqua Lake Provincial Recreation Area

      Any camping reservations up to May 23 have been cancelled and refunded.

      Day Use facilities of Gregoire Lake Provincial Park's Anzac Day Use and Southshore Boat Launch are OPEN as of May 19. Engstrom Lake Provincial Recreation Area's Day Use will be OPEN as of May 19, and Maqua Lake PRA's Day Use will also be OPEN as of May 19.

      The gates are locked to the main area of Gregoire Lake Provincial Park however the public is welcome to walk-in to enjoy the area again. Please watch this advisory for updates on when the exact date that the campsites will reopen for bookings & camping. The staff of Fort McMurray District look forward to seeing you soon!

      Crow Lake Provincial Park is OPEN for first come, first serve camping since Thursday, May 16, for May Long Weekend and ongoing for the camping season. 


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